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https://youtu.be/iApg5VFqSwU Below you'll find a chunk of the YouTube review of the VJ Maxx linked above. In addition to Ian, two other choice reviewers were in on the testing. The first is my teammate, Ben Nephew. Ben is arguably one of the best technical trail runners of the past two decades. For much of that time, he's done wear testing and weighed in on materials and

https://youtu.be/v85CUGpSPo4 TC Gear is arriving and THANKS to supporters! Trails Collective gear is arriving, with stickers, Truckers, and mesh duckbill hats, the latter style which I’ve been wearing constantly since it’s been hot. To those awesome individuals who have come on to support making the Trails Collective happen through Patreon Support, some schwag of thanks is almost there. Jeff Holbrook, Cory West, Ron Heerken’s Jr, Grayce Langheine,

https://youtu.be/wiVni36Hunc Amelia Kaufman is a pure Ithaca runner. She trains without a watch, lets her mood choose her time and distance and will always bring friends along, no matter their pace. Oh, and she's also notched impressive 3rd place finishes at the competitive Black Canyon 60K and Twisted Branch 100K. What we love about Amelia is her self-less style and caring disposition that just make us

https://youtu.be/kvC5YPqGXHY We open with a clip from Matt Lipsey from the revised Sproul 10k in PA. On that note, good to have actual races running where they can. Results? Smallfoot Trail Fest 5k in Troy, PA a kids event organized by several entities including Revibe Gear. Aside from a little secretive Snipe hunting footage, little is known without the secret handshake. Prowl the Sproul 10k: Sproul

https://youtu.be/4YQiR0IUQRs In this week's Rundown   We kick off with a clip from the next viral rage, Puddle Boarding, with Matthias Lipshitz. A plug for the hot-off-the presses Saucony Mad River TR2 (let us get you a pair). And a busy week ahead for Ian in prepping for Cayuga Trails 50's and Lucifer's Crossing, both with significant COVID modifications. We link an article from the VHTRC Facebook

https://youtu.be/JTMDRa0fGNg Opening clip from Matt Lipsey and Zach Miller. FKT’s: For the FKT Crew’s Episode 92, they interview Joe “Stringbean” McConnaughy with an episode titled: “How to crush the Long Trail FKT - and what NOT to do”. CT: Less-Stuart and Shona Evans, 12:43 for the 58 KM Tunxis Trails DE: Michael Wardian, 26H 19M for the 129 Mile Delaware Crossing NY: Jordan Plank: 3:06 for


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