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https://youtu.be/6iaALDzvBOQ In the Media TC Interviews This past week on TC Interviews, Ellie checked in with Cole Crosby. They dig into, amongst other things, good life decisions including opting out of a world record in favor of painting a track in Gatorade. Check it out for the deets.  The CULTRA crew released last week’s episode with Finn Melanson. The cover balance being overrated, and go deep into his FKT

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNStpul6r8Y In the Media TC Interviews: This past week Ellie connected with the wicked tough Britta Clark who’s had a fairly productive 2020 on the FKT front alone, in the mix, setting the Unsupported women’s mark on the Pemi in August, and the Presi Traverse in September. Two iconic routes. Check it out here.  Pain Cave: Jay gets in Twenty Questions with physician, epidemiologist, coach, author, and five

https://youtu.be/xBJJIYc_53M Weekly Rundown October 7, 2020 It was a great weekend on my end, spending three days playing in the Adirondack High Peaks. We ended up 0/2 on high-peak views (summits were socked in by clouds and precipitation), but quality time none the less. Also had time to get some miles into the Inov8 TerraUltra G270 (great shoe for allowing you to run down mountains with babys on

https://youtu.be/RCXmjLgqNjI Macedonia Trail Race Kent, CT About 90 minutes north of NYC lies the Litchfield Hills and town of Kent. Near the Appalachian Trail just a few miles outside of Kent is Macedonia Brook State Park. With its unparalleled singletrack and lush forest trails, challenging climbs/descents and two amazing viewpoints on course, the race offers trail runners a one of kind experience in the northwest part of Connecticut,

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qJW__yDIqc Registration Just Open For / Join Us At: Bold Coast Bash, Cutler, ME, registration just opened for the November 15th event, prioritizing the 30 mile distance, followed by the 20, then the 10, though it appears they have registrants for all distances, and with it being 2/3 full. http://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=79258   New Interviews, Reviews, and Products at the Trails Collective this Week: On the TC Interviews Ellie released an interview

https://youtu.be/r_CMCcLbxnU Weekly Rundown for September 9, 2020   This weekend was a blur of race related preparations and getting a review of the Salomon Wildcross live. A model I’ve been anxiously awaiting for the past year. Now with over a 100 varied miles into it, I dig into a review of the materials, design, and whether it all flows together into the model I’ve been waiting for

https://youtu.be/vGyDKbt3wzM The Salomon Wildcross: What I've been waiting for? Hey Trails Collective, Ian here with a review of 2020’s Salomon Wildcross, a model I was stoked out of the gates for with a first meeting in November, 2019. I’ve yet to find a Salomon that I’ve loved. My history with Salomon is finding models to be either too firm and slappy, or too rigid and narrow in

https://youtu.be/XbjMdEwXOe0 Weekly Rundown September 2, 2020   Results:   Baker Trail Ultra Challenge, Brookville, PA: Kathleen Cusick, women’s winner of the race and awesomist quadriceps, in 9:21, and the overall and men’s win went to Brenner Burkholder in 7h 29m for the 50.2 mile course.    (Virtual) Race to the Top of Vermont, Stowe, VT, 4.3, biggest fundraiser to benefit the Catamount Trail Association and support backcountry skiing in Vermont. Run up


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