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August 2021

Weekly Rundown August 13th, 2021 In the Media Scott Jurek headed South on the AT – at time of filming he’s closing in on New Hampshire Jurek set off on Wednesday, August 4th at 7:30 am from the Northern Terminus supported by the men’s Southbound supported FKT holder, the Speedgoat himself, as well as his wife Jenny , their two kids, and Luis Escobar on the feet and lens.

Weekly Rundown August 6th, 2021 It was a busy week in Northeast Trail Running world. We'll take you through events with registrations about to cap. Results including voices from the Collective as well as events coming up. A feature from Coach Sayard Tanis on the buildup and racing of Eric Kosek in the Ouray 100. Let's get into it. In the Media A shout out to Jerry and Pamela


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