June 2020

https://youtu.be/jQuKta5HfJg The Brooks Catamount An initial look and run in the new Brooks Catamount. The Catamount weighs in at 9.6 oz for men, 8.5 oz for women. Sits on an efficient 6mm offset with a plush yet responsive ride owed underfoot to DNA Flash, the material used in the Hyperion series road racing models. It uses low profile spacious lugs and TrailTack outsole rubber with a bit

https://youtu.be/i5R-GQgpUhw Laura Kline is one of the most versatile and resilient runners in Upstate NY. Coming from a team sport background, she picked up running and triathlons after college, and quickly found success. With outright wins at the Ridge Rumble 50k, multiple second place finished at the Caumsett 50k Road Championships and impressive performances abroad (CCC anyone?) she has quite a story and outlook on training

https://youtu.be/Bw67bzBVNSs In this week's Rundown: We open w/ a clip from Ron Heerkens Jr Photography / Goat Factory Media as he and a community supported Eric Eagan and Sheila Eagan in a zero to 40 mile running comeback on the Many On The Genny course, and a a preview for a longer length episode for season 2 of the #BeastCoast Film series. Standing in for racing this year, we turn to the FKT front with shout out to Jason

https://youtu.be/Elrb1qWM6J4 Chris Raulli is a Syracuse native ultra runner who just completed AND WON the One NY Challenge, a 1000k virtual race where participants run ACROSS NEW YORK! Runners have from May 15th to August 31st to complete this distance, but Raulli was short on time, so he did it in a bit over 2 weeks. Oh yeah, and the last weekend of the challenge put

https://youtu.be/ao5ZqDoNWdA In this week's RunDown a huge thanks to this week's Patreon Supporters: Steep Endurance's Rick Rushka, and South Central PA Trail Sister and general rockstar, Grayce Gillette-Drummond Langheine! On the TC Message Boards:Fastest Trail Ultra (which sometimes could also mean good for beginners) in our region?24 Hour Kids Run - 1 mile per hour? Eric Idiotrunner Kosek maybe a taker.#BeastCoast Films w/ Ron Heerkens Jr.?Homemade Nutrition? Race ResultsThe Shenipsit Striders put on the Real World

https://youtu.be/tFR9wcjs6ec In 1994, Amy Palmiero Winters was involved in a motorcycle accident which crushed her left leg. After three years and twenty-five surgeries, her leg was amputated below the knee. She would not be able to run at all until three years after the amputation. In 2007 Amy set a world record, as the fastest female amputee to run a marathon in 3:04. Since 2007, Amy

https://youtu.be/rTzFeXZBUOo The Topo Mtn Racer, a solid option for someone looking for a lightweight, responsive, and protected ride for mixed and technical trails. A good fit for a medium to wider mid and forefoot. I'll take you through a bit of the specs and comparisons to other models such as the TerraVenture, and what's both solid, as well as practical pieces that I think are design

https://youtu.be/nAUdTYP1Vzw Virginia Happy Trails launches a new website, mentions Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 being open for registration, and Ian makes his first bad choice of 2021 by signing up. Huge thanks to a few supporters signing on this week: Sayard Tanis - mountain runner and coach out of PA. Eric Kosek - Tough PA mountain runner with even tougher family. Check ou their website www.IdiotRunner.com. Brian

https://youtu.be/66n42vAKrIw Richard Wayshner comes to the TC Interview series from Annapolis Maryland where just two weeks ago he won the Broken Ladder Challenge! Run 1 mile on day 1, 2 miles on day 2, 3 miles on day 3 and repeat until the last runner stands. How far did he get? Just watch the interview to find out! Ellie and Richard also discuss how he came


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