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Introduction As trail runners, we view ourselves as stewards of the Earth, spending countless hours immersed in nature, running through desert, woodland, coastlines, and mountains. We are one with the natural world around us. Indeed, we comprise a critical fabric in the web of nature, though too often in the Global North (includes North America and Europe), we tend to forget that through our choices, we

“Ultrarunning is 10% physical and 90% mental.” How often have you heard that maxim? I recently heard a different interpretation: Rob Bell put it that sport is still 90% physical, but the 10% mental component is the key that unlocks the other 90%. Dr. Bell is Certified Mental Performance Consultant, a qualification registered with the Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP). Even for an engineer like

Raise your hand if you have recently read an article, or listened to a podcast, that proclaimed, “The future of ultrarunning is female!”  Ann Trason and Pam Reed must be so glad that the world finally caught up to them.  Being competitive with and beating the men of their heydays was the norm for these two legends, however part of what made them extra legendary


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