October 2022

A common question I get associated with an athlete’s poor race performance is,  “Should I get my iron checked”? What makes iron such an important player in an athlete’s performance to make us want to get our levels checked and run out to buy iron supplements?  Why is iron so important to runners? “Hemoglobin is a protein in your red blood cells that carries oxygen to your

Late last summer and into the fall, when the repercussions of the fracture which I had suffered in spring continued to stretch on, the feeling I remember most vividly was one of grasping desperation. I found the cruel bombardment, noisy and forceful, which I had been prepared to hunker down and absorb for several months, to be unceasing. Trapped in the cramped, dark space of

Raise your hand if you have recently read an article, or listened to a podcast, that proclaimed, “The future of ultrarunning is female!”  Ann Trason and Pam Reed must be so glad that the world finally caught up to them.  Being competitive with and beating the men of their heydays was the norm for these two legends, however part of what made them extra legendary


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