August 2022

Like Beyonce sang, “Who run the world? Girls.”  Women really do run the world - over the last decade more women are the people running across the finish lines than men. According to the NY Times, “in the United States alone, women make up 57 percent of finishers — that's about 10.7 million women racing. Globally, female race participation is up 25 percent, compared to

Often falling in the shadow of that big city in NY, and ignored as an area with trails due to population density, Northern New Jersey has tucked away a number of worthy parks and runnable trails with views and a ruggedness you just would not expect there. Let’s get off the city streets and find out what Northern New Jersey has!  The “You need to run

Listen up, people. I’m sure you’ve noticed the same thing I have; there’s been too much positivity in the news lately. Puppies kissing babies. Babies kissing puppies. Rainbows. Babies and puppies playing together under rainbows. It’s sickening, if I’m being honest. Where’s the realism, the pragmatism? As trail runners, we’re all too familiar with the fact that things can be going just swimmingly until, out

Running, at its foundation, is a minimalist activity. Yet through the choices we make, we are rewriting this narrative. And we are changing the story at the detriment to our environment. At its roots, running is an inexpensive and minimalistic activity.  To run, you need your legs and feet…perhaps a pair of comfortable shoes to protect those feet, and for some of us, a sports bra.  Yet


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