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Ellie Pell

My name is Ellie Pell and I started running after college after moving to GORGES Ithaca NY where I currently reside. My trajectory is pretty standard, tried a few half marathons and then a full marathon in Buffalo in 2016. After that I was encouraged by my mentor Ian Golden to try a 50k. I have toggled back and forth between road marathons and trail ultras loving every part of this sport.

I have a degree in kinesiology and work at the Finger Lakes Running Company and am the athlete manager for the Trails Collective. I also produce our podcasts and live streams and edit the website so if it’s wonky, that is my fault.

I am currently in a ultrarunning phase of training and will tackle my first 100 miler at the end of June. After that, I just love running so as long as I am healthy and happy, I’m a fan of the mantra “any surface, any distance”.

You can learn more about me on my website.

I am currently sponsored by On Running and Gnarly Nutrition.

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