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Amelia Kaufman

I grew up in the lovely town of Ithaca, NY and had an active childhood running track and cross country and exploring the many local trails. Then attending college in Vermont, I discovered ultrarunning and signed up for my first ultra in my sophomore year. Since then, I’ve entered many ultras and trail runs and can’t seem to stop! I also dabble in road events, and enjoy testing my speed in an occasional flat, fast road marathon. I came back to Ithaca after college and got a pretty cool job working at the local running store, Finger Lakes Running Company. Through the shop and the vibrant local running community, I’ve met some of my best friends and mentors. Plus with all its trails and recreation paths, Ithaca is a pretty great place to be a runner. When I’m not out running or at the shop, I also bike, rollerblade, and work as a graphic designer!

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