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TC Interviews: Amelia Kaufman

Amelia Kaufman is a pure Ithaca runner. She trains without a watch, lets her mood choose her time and distance and will always bring friends along, no matter their pace. Oh, and she’s also notched impressive 3rd place finishes at the competitive Black Canyon 60K and Twisted Branch 100K.

What we love about Amelia is her self-less style and caring disposition that just make us root for her. She would just as easily give her shoes to another runner, as run them down to out-kick them after running for 14 hours. It’s these attributes that made her a delightful guest. Oh yea, she’s also one of Ellie’s best friends, so this show was a hoot!

Amelia is spending a lot of time biking right now, and keeping a base level of fitness for when the racing burns hot again. She is getting her degree in graphic design and works for Ian at Finger Lakes Running Co.

Instagram: @ameliak100

UltraSignUp: http://ultrasignup.com/results_participant.aspx?fname=Amelia&lname=Kaufman

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