September 2022

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULIDXU7viiM&t=1s A solid crew of voices this week weighing in on solid BeastCoast events from this past weekend. Join us to connect with Trent Swanson, Kelsey Miller and James Simmons from the Pemberton 24; Rhea Weaver on the Worlds End Fall Classic; Colleen Moffet, Cooper Linde, and Jason Logue on the Conestoga 10 Miler; Justyana Wilson and Paul Brungard on the Boulder Beast; and Cara Baskin

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCg4Gj4Wj3k&t=7s Voices from the Trails Collective coming to you Live this week include: Adam Kolb on Spartan Podium and the Pie Eating Win; Jana Fridrichova on the Barkley Fall Classic; Stephanie Daniels and Shoney on Rock 'N The Knob; Zack McCarthy and Smith and Brianna Russell on Kilkenny; Dan Frank and Shannon Cebron on Grindstone; Rachel Lemcke and Arlen Glick on Run Rabbit Run 100. Gonna

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yizo5vQNoQ From newly crowned World Champions to classic New England Mountains to the grit of getting the job done in mountain 100's, this week's Live round will be packed. Join us as we welcome Scott Traer to plug your chance to go Pro; Jennifer Britz and Cole Crosby to connect on snowshoe Worlds; Jake Moreau, Caitlin Sheasley, Jarod Gabello, Caitlin Sheasley, Molly Zurn and James Blandford

This week we are going to visit Rochester, NY - A small city on the shores of Lake Ontario with a booming trail scene. (Full disclosure, this is where your author is from). Rochester offers incredible trails with a county park system that years ago invested in open spaces as well as numerous volunteer trail organizations that build, maintain, and advocate for the trails in

With love, I dedicate this column to my grandfather, Joseph Vincent Behe, who would have turned 97 this month. Some time after my paternal grandfather–”Pappap”–passed away in late December of 2020, my dad shared with the rest of the family a press clipping from a local Harrisburg newspaper. Written with the zippy flare and unapologetic corniness of bygone days, the piece features Pappap front and center


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