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https://youtu.be/vGyDKbt3wzM The Salomon Wildcross: What I've been waiting for? Hey Trails Collective, Ian here with a review of 2020’s Salomon Wildcross, a model I was stoked out of the gates for with a first meeting in November, 2019. I’ve yet to find a Salomon that I’ve loved. My history with Salomon is finding models to be either too firm and slappy, or too rigid and narrow in

https://youtu.be/iApg5VFqSwU Below you'll find a chunk of the YouTube review of the VJ Maxx linked above. In addition to Ian, two other choice reviewers were in on the testing. The first is my teammate, Ben Nephew. Ben is arguably one of the best technical trail runners of the past two decades. For much of that time, he's done wear testing and weighed in on materials and

https://youtu.be/yapHVDToq10 The Sense 4's predecessor, the Sense Pro 3, was designed off the S/Lab Sense 6 which athletes the world-over decided strayed too far from its roots as a trimmed down racing shoe a’la Killian. I was not big fan of the Sense Pro 3 as it felt stiff all around and the lugs felt overly big and tippy on trails. Thus it ended up riding

https://youtu.be/jQuKta5HfJg The Brooks Catamount An initial look and run in the new Brooks Catamount. The Catamount weighs in at 9.6 oz for men, 8.5 oz for women. Sits on an efficient 6mm offset with a plush yet responsive ride owed underfoot to DNA Flash, the material used in the Hyperion series road racing models. It uses low profile spacious lugs and TrailTack outsole rubber with a bit

https://youtu.be/rTzFeXZBUOo The Topo Mtn Racer, a solid option for someone looking for a lightweight, responsive, and protected ride for mixed and technical trails. A good fit for a medium to wider mid and forefoot. I'll take you through a bit of the specs and comparisons to other models such as the TerraVenture, and what's both solid, as well as practical pieces that I think are design


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