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On trails we find both solace and community. Moments of flow that bend time and enhance perception of place. Opportunities to test limits and reconnect to roots in play. Unification of our unique collage of backstories and communities into an amazing collective. The Trails Collective seeks to celebrate that narrative.

Our Community

Conceived in 2018, and launched in February, 2020, the Trails Collective provides regional coverage of trail events and updates, volunteer opportunities, links to entities forming the Collective such as coaches and shops, gear reviews, an event calendar with mapping integration, communication message boards, and multiple video channels celebrating all of the above.

Have an event, update, or cool trail run related story for us to consider? Loop us in! We’re thankful to be a part of an amazing community and connected by trails.






Gear Testers

Ian Golden


I’m a husband and father of three awesome daughters living in Ithaca, NY. Beginning with countless hours spent benched for running in the pool area growing up a competitive swimmer, to two High School Pennsylvania State Team XC titles, to two NCAA All America Honors and a Steeplechase record, to opening several run specialty stores and dozens of trail and ultra finishes, an event business wherein I’ve directed a few dozen mostly trail races, running has been central in my life. 

In 2020, we’ll go live with the Trails Collective, a project I laid the framework for in 2018 after being annoyed with incomplete trail calendars, trail news which focused on national coverage which serves little actual utility, and seeing the only means of connecting to a larger trail community online through a Facebook medium which most seem to detest. From cueing you into beautiful trail events that weren’t on your radar prior. To provide feedback on gear we’re using in our region. To provide a resource bank of coaches, practitioners, photographers, run specialty stores and so many more individuals and professions which are woven into the trail community. A place to connect in discussion forums as an alternative to other social media platforms. And to keep it regional in focus with the hope of it being useful. To serve a function rather than just providing entertainment.

We’re stoked you found your way here and thanks for taking the time to learn a bit about the roots. Together we’re #ConnectedByTrails, and together we form the Trails Colletive.

Gear Testers

We are proud to have a great team of gear testers that take the time to understand the gear they are reviewing. From hiking in the shoes you’ll be wearing to finding the best coats to wear on a cold night, we’ve got you covered

Amelia Kaufman
Amy Hanlon
Dominic Cappacio
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