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In this week's Trails Collective Rundown of what's shaking in the regional trail world, we've got media notables, FKT's of the week, events about to run, and registrations that are gonna cap out. Let's get into it. Video version of this week's Rundown In the Media CULTRA released Episode 110 with FKT international leader, Jason Hardrath. Jason Friedeman and the Pain Cave released Episode Episode 77 with 12:19 YouTube Version of this Week's Rundown Trails Collective Weekly Rundown January 1, 2021 (thank God) This Past Weekend This past weekend saw the running of Virginia Happy Trails Boyer’s Furnace 40 miler, limited to 40 and club members only. Looks like a beautiful day on the trails. Some in Connecticut through down efforts for the Egg Nog Mile, and a winner was made in Hacksaw Howie Breinan in the

In this week's Trails Collective Rundown of what's shaking in the trail running community: upcoming events, registrations opening, results and voices from this past weekend, and a gear review from the week. Let's dig in. Gear World We opened the week by posting up our review of the Scott Kinabalu Ultra RC. Scott's Kinabalu Ultra RC is designed to run far and fast on semi-technical trails.

Registrations Opening Run Ragged, a Last Person Standing event slated to run on May 29th in Berlin, CT. Unlike some LPS events, this one runs a rugged hilly and technical loop on Ragged Mountain, going again on the hour every hour until one is left standing. Two of our regions most transcendental trail offerings are live the Endurance Society’s Infinitus run of races, ranging from 8

The Week in Trails Trails Collective Weekly Rundown December 11, 2020 Registrations Opening Beast of Burden Winter Edition Running on February 6th, offering a 25, 50, and 100 mile distance, in Lockport, NY. Unsure what the field size is, or whether it’s under COVID cap constraints this year, but as of filming there were only 13 spots remaining. Boulderfield 100 One in the Uber Endurance Sports lineup which capped out early

Trails Collective Weekly Rundown for December 4, 2020 This week in the Trails Collective Registrations Opening World’s End Ultramarathons are set to open registration on Saturday, December 5th at 6:00 pm. Secondary to rollovers there are only 106 spots remaining in the 100k, and 5 spots for the 50k. The event, even when fully open to the masses, capped out in 3 minutes. So, not one to wait

Weekly Rundown of Registrations, Results and Voices, and Upcoming Events Just In Case You Missed It Registrations Opening Soon Cayuga Trails 50’s Scheduled to run on Saturday, May 29th in Ithaca, NY have registration set to go live this Saturday, November 28th at midnight, with a reduced field size secondary to 150 or so who opted to skip the 2020 running and roll into 2021: Breakneck Point Slated for Saturday, May

The Week in the Regional Trail Running Community TC Interviews TC Interview with Lindsey Weaver Ellie had the opportunity to connect with Lindsey Weaver. Lindsey finished the 189-mile C&O Canal Towpath run from Cumberland, Md. to Washington, D.C. in 53 hours, a new female FKT. A week before, she ran a 50 mile virtual run. She has completed 5 ultras in 2020 alone. A librarian, Weaver began running

Weekly Rundown - Segmented This was our first week shifting the format to segmenting out the Weekly Rundown into multiple 10'ish minute episodes. Our hope is to make it more accessible and fitting into the Collective's daily commute openings. We'll lay it out here into this past Monday's Upcoming Events, Wednesday's Gear Review, Thursday's Results and media recap, and finishing off with today's FKT Friday. We


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