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Weekly rundown: August 19, 2021

This week we published our multi-tester gear review of the VM Maxx.

Ellie caught up with Sarah Keyes and Alyssa Godesky for interviews ahead of their individual go’s at the ADK 46’r FKT, going on right now in a race or head to head format. I’m headed there Tuesday to support and capture some film, and for what hopefully will be a great day and a half in the mountains.


August 15th Ellicottville 8 – couldn’t find results just yet

MD Heat Race, 25k and 50k in Elkridge, MD in Patapsco Park. Flash flooding came down night before the race, moving boulders, and making the trails officially unusable. An informal run through might be possible for next weekend but uncertain. Crazy times just keep getting crazier!

Interstate 17 Mile Trail Run in Closter, NJ: Also no results posted yet.



Stephen Kerr, 1h 56m on the Nauset Beach to Chatham Habor Loop, coming in less than 2 minute sunder the prior mark set by Ryan Kempson in June of this year. Iain Ridgway and opening mark of 2h 20m on the Mount Toby Loop


Lydia Gill, 1d 9h on the Hundred Mile Wilderness route, a 96.5 mile stretch of Trail south of Baxter bearing 18,416 feet of gain, which is mentioned to be the wildest section of the AT, and one of the most challenging to navigate and traverse. Even wilder is just how close / competitive the times have been, with Lydia’s time being only 23 seconds off the Unsupported Male FKT of 1d 9h 18 minutes set on August 2 of this year by Danny Mejia.


Kelly MacDonald 1h 25m on the Highland Forest M Loop

Elise Mordos and John Breznicky 3h 40m on the Five Sisters Loop, shaving 30 minutes off the prior best for a mixed gender team from June 28


Mark Gaudet and David Magida 1:55 for the Unsupported class on the Mount Vernon Trail, coming in 4 minutes under Michael Wardian’s Supported time from April of this year


Michael Willey an opening mark of 4h 24m on the Long Trail from Bolton to Mansfield

Podcasts coming this week:

Connecticut Ultra Trail expects to have Reagan Fitzgibbons on to chat on their collective 112 mile run that went from New Haven to MA and back, calling it the double Double CUT112.

Just posted from Hamstrings and Heartstrings Less Mileage More Smileage, comparison syndrome, Ellie needing a break, and Sarah and Alyssa going at it.

Check out Apple Podcast for TrailsCollective Interviews in podcast format.

Events in August:

US Ultra-Marathoner & World Record Holder, Michael Wardian, and LMT record holder, Patrick Vaughan, renowned Lebanese Ultra-endurance trail runner Ali Kedami, along with 3 other runners from around the world will attempt to virtually run the Lebanon Mountain Trail, 470km and more than 24.000m in elevation, in 48 hours. How to participate: 1) Run your trail, and track with with Strava or another running app 2) Share it via the Facebook event page, Strava event page, and/or with (#run4Beirut#runLMT#run4LRC), 3) Follow the LMT Challenge (run4Beirut.live/strava & runBeirut.live/facebook), 4) Donate at run4Beirut.live/donate *****DONATION PAGE IS LIVE ******

August 20th:

Rotary Trails 2 Ales 5k in Bedford, NH: https://www.rotarytrails2ales.com/

August 22nd:

Hyner Half 14 miler in North Bend, PA https://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx… New River Gorgeous Trail Run Half Marathon and 10k Run at the ACE Adventure Resort in Minden, WV. https://aceraft.com/event/new-river-g… . There is Race-Day registration for an additional $5

Hell Hath No Hurry 10K, 30k, 50k, 50m in Cayuga Grove – Settlers Cabin Park, Pittsburgh, PA: https://www.hellhathnohurry.org/ Virtual Race running August 15 – 29th. Appears field size was extended as it reads 54 spots remaining for the in-person 10k to be run on August 22. https://runsignup.com/Race/PA/Carnegi…

August 23rd:

Trail Run in Safe Harbor, 4 – 8 – 12 mile trail runs in Lancaster County, PA Registration open at https://shop.newhollandbicyclerace.co…

August 29th:

Baker Trail Ultra Challenge, a 50 miler and relay in Brookville, PA. Registration open until this Sunday, August 16th at https://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx…

September 26th

Live Loud’s Blue 2 Blue Challenge, a 50k covering some of Connecticut’s most technical and gnarly trails. Only open to 45 so it should cap out. Get on it now: https://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx…

Virtual In August:

Cook Forest 25k Trail Challenge in PA: Virtual, run between July 1 – August 31, https://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx…

KC Trust Trail Fest Entrants can run or walk the KCT 5k, 10K or HM marked courses anytime during the month of August and submit results for the result and schwag https://www.kporttrust.org/about-trus…

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