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Weekly RunDown June 17, 2020

In this week’s RunDown a huge thanks to this week’s Patreon Supporters: Steep Endurance‘s Rick Rushka, and South Central PA Trail Sister and general rockstar, Grayce Gillette-Drummond Langheine!

On the TC Message Boards:
Fastest Trail Ultra (which sometimes could also mean good for beginners) in our region?
24 Hour Kids Run – 1 mile per hour? Eric Idiotrunner Kosek maybe a taker.
#BeastCoast Films w/ Ron Heerkens Jr.?
Homemade Nutrition?

Race Results
The Shenipsit Striders put on the Real World Shenipsit Trail Relay last weekend with 13 teams went 50 miles E2E, north to south, on the Shenipsit Trail. A lot of wonderful energy and team wears. As a report in from the Collective, Emma from the Shenipsit Striders sent us the rundown of the event.

This past Saturday @Steep Endurance put on their Beat the Clock Challenge, an event we plugged last week. It mixed the format up a bit with the 43 entrants from a bunch of different states and a few countries, required to cover 2.08 miles every 30 minutes, w/ the time, or pace, required to complete each virtual lap dropping. The overall win, finishing lap 38 in 11:56, or sub 6 minute pace went to the legend Michael Wardian.

On the FKT Boards:
Anna Garsten, Mettabessett – Lone Pine Loop in 2:07
Marc Kelly – Mettabesett Trail in 14:47
Ayako Takamori – Nayantaquit Trail – 48:58
Todd Curtis – Mohawk Trail – 4:19
Unsure of FKT standing, but Fred Murolo, from CULTRA Podcast growing fame, just ran 157 miles diagonally across CT. As far as diagonals go, that’s a pretty clean one.
Patrick Beaulieu and Chet Hanscom – Hills to Sea Trail – 11:25
Sam Belcher, Charles River Link Trail – 1:58
Jay Durand – Hancock Shaker Village Loop – 6:54
Matthew Walker – Wachusett Mtn Loop – 56m17
Samantha LeBlanc – Across Lexington Challenge – 7:20
A pretty cool looking 40 mile connection of the historic trails and sites in and around Lexington
Matthew LeBlanc – Rockingham Recreational Trail – 3:39
Lucy Skinner and Jordan Fields – Kinsman Ridge Trail – 4:18
Rachel Bainbridge – Monadnock Double, Triple & Quad Traverse – 3:34
Ben Thompson – Pemigewasset Loop – 5:42
Ben Thompson may have set one of the highlights of FKT’s, the iconic 31 mile Pemi Loop in NH, one which has seen some of the strongest and fastest mountain runners in our region, if not the country, go head to head over the past 12 years.
Pretty freaking incredible.

Trisha Ignatowski – NJ Palisades Long Path / Shore Trail – 4:51
Lauren Longfield – Mt Tammany – 40:24
Kelly MacDonald – Interloken Trail – 3:50
Elise Mordos – Hook Mountain Full Loop – 2:07
Frankie DiSomma – Big Slide Mountain (3,300’ gain in 7.5 mi) – 1:36
Laura Tuttle – Big Slide Mountain – 2:20
Steven Lange – shaved 4 minutes off of Nick Arndt’s Hurricane Mountain time with a 1:00:40
Eric Idiotrunner Kosek Kosek – West Rim Trail – 4:20
A beautiful 30 mile stretch with 5,500 feet of gain along the West Rim of PA’s Grand Canyon. Really one for more to check out, and to take Eric’s stout time down a bit. Nice work buddy.
Whitney Richman – Virginia Capital Trail – 17:32
Alyssa Godesky – Wild Oak Trail – 5:28
Cory Kind – Bull Run / Occoquan Trail – 4:50
Josh Burns – Monroe Skyline Gap-to-Gap-to-Gap – 4:15
Robert Rives – Bolton Backcountry Round – 3:58
Joffrey Peters – A triple loop on Mount Ascutney, gaining around 8500’ over 24 miles in- 5:34
And, a granddaddy, or mamma, of FKT’s and Trails, and typifying #BeastCoast, the 273 mile Long Trail, running between the MA/VT border to Canada, along the spine of the Green Mountains. Rugged, unforgiving. As we plugged last week, TheStringbean: Joe McConaughy lined up an attempt this past week, and, nailing it in taking 24 hours off the previous record in under 5 days, and, in doing so, raising funds for Outdoor Afro, a group providing increased connection and incentive to increase the diversity of participation on the trails.

In Podcast News: (Ellie)
Connecticut Trail Ultra with special stud guest Dave Walker, Gunksrunner.com PainCave with Dr. Keith Strudler on sports in the time of Covid, Heartstrings and Hamstrings, and Life is Trail Running.

A mention of this week’s TC media wherein Ellie Pell connected with Amy Palmiero Winters, and Ian Golden weighs in with a review of the Topo Athletic Mtn Racer.

The Week Ahead, Events Running include the @Mason – Dixon Longest Day 100k Challenge which kicks off today.

Events that would have run:
CT’s Summer Solstice Trail Run.

NH’s Gunstock Mountain Resort‘s Cancelled: Ascension Vertical Race, and the Exeter Trail Race p/b Saucony using the Fort Rock Trails

NY’s Mountain Lakes Backyard Ultra, and Trail Method’s Many On The Genny

NJ’s Summer Solstice and Ratstafarian 5k Challenge

PA’s @Road, Forest & Creek and Rachel Carson Trail Challenge (pushed to 2021), the Ghost Town Trail Challenge (pushed back?), Lost Turkey Trail Marathon & 50M Ultra, and the PA Trail Dogs and ReVibe Gear Little Loggers Trail Fest.

VA’s Freedom Trail Run, @TrailZilla Feel Good 4 Miler, and the Eastern Divide Ultra 50K

VT’s @Green Mountain Athletic Association’s Equinox Trail Run

WV’s beautiful Highlands Sky 40 miler in Davis WV

And, to take us out, a message from good friend with regional roots, Yassine Diboun reflecting on the state of things.

Whadwe miss and what’s ahead next week to have on our radars?


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