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Review Topo Mtn Racer

The Topo Mtn Racer, a solid option for someone looking for a lightweight, responsive, and protected ride for mixed and technical trails. A good fit for a medium to wider mid and forefoot. I’ll take you through a bit of the specs and comparisons to other models such as the TerraVenture, and what’s both solid, as well as practical pieces that I think are design / material flaws which could use some improving. Stay tuned for a multi-tester review of the Mtn Racer which we’ll pull together sometime soon.

  • June 18, 2020

    Great review! I’ve put about 100 miles in the MTN Racer after running around 600 in a couple pairs of the Ultraventure. I do just wish the MTN Racer was a little more plush – given how close the stats are I was expecting it to feel a lot more like the Ultraventure, but it’s definitely a lot firmer. Ultraventure is probably the most comfortable trail shoe I’ve run in but I still felt like I had decent groundfield – I didn’t feel separated from trail like I do with some Hokas. Notices that both shoes are a bit short; Topo owes me a toenail! The grip on the MTN Racer is phenomenal; the Ultraventure, I was slipping around quite a bit. Really wish they could combine the two shoes!

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