Favorite distance: On the roads, I think it has to be the half marathon - it's where I feel the fastest! On the trails, I haven't played around enough with different distances yet, but hopefully this summer it's going to be the 100K! Favorite trail near me has to be the Crescent Trail! Lots of runnable singletrack. I'm exploring beyond my local scene now, though, so

ART 1. Favorite distance: Mile, Mile and a half 2. Favorite Trail: The one that I ran last, or the ones that have great places to make a pit stop, without revealing our giblets. 3. I support Trails Collective because I feel that they support me and the Trail Culture of the Beast Coast.  They recognize and celebrate the strong bonds of the regional trail running family, and

Favorite distance: 100K (but ask me again after I run my first hundo later this year) Favorite trail: Forest Loop Trail Why I support TC: I love what the Trails Collective is doing to elevate races and athletes along the East Coast.  There's so much amazing running out this way and so much talent.  But not much hype.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to help support these talented

Favorite Distance: All the miles Favorite Trail: Mason-Dixon Trail Why I support TC: I love seeing education and support for our awesome northeast trails and trail community

Favorite distance: Mountain marathon to 50k Favorite Trail:  My favorite trails are my home trails of Bald Eagle Mountain at Castanea and Zindel in Lock Haven, PA, where I could probably run The Kammendiner Trail every day of my life because it is where I always escape to re-balance and find peace -- with the sound of the water babbling and all of the trees and


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