Kuwanna Dyer-Pietras

Introducing: Running Back To Basics
Imposter Syndrome
The Joy Of Running Ultramarathons
Managing Aid Stations with Food Adversions
Brand Ambassadorships and Remembering Your WHY
Too Much Gear
My First DNF and What It Taught Me
Social Media and My Running
Battery Powered
Shifting Seasons and Letting Go
Changing Form
If the Shoe Fits...
The Twisting Branch Part 4
The Twisting Branch Part 5
The Twisting Branch Part 6
The Twisting Branch Part 7
Favorite distance: 100K (but ask me again after I run my first hundo later this year)
Favorite trail: Forest Loop Trail
Why I support TC: I love what the Trails Collective is doing to elevate races and athletes along the East Coast.  There’s so much amazing running out this way and so much talent.  But not much hype.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to help support these talented East Coast runners.

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