1. Favorite distance: Mile, Mile and a half
2. Favorite Trail: The one that I ran last, or the ones that have great places to make a pit stop, without revealing our giblets.
3. I support Trails Collective because I feel that they support me and the Trail Culture of the Beast Coast.  They recognize and celebrate the strong bonds of the regional trail running family, and shine a National spotlight on our members, making others aware of amazing experiences in a professional and welcoming way.  They are the mouth of the Beast coast.
1) 50 miles. For me, it’s just enough to make you hurt and possibly have a good cry and you can make it somewhere in time for dinner.
2) French Trail, Redwood Regional Park, Oakland, CA. It’s only like 4 miles and it’s a non-technical flowy singletrack underneath a canopy of redwoods and eucalyptus. It’s the trail I fell in love with trail running on.
3) Trails Collective has been an invaluable source of both info and entertainment repping the Northeast hard. I got nothing but love for the TC.

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