Salomon has consistently done a great job of creating slick and technically innovating products and supporting the trail community. Their shoes however haven't been my go-to's, as many have been too narrow in the midfoot or tapered in the forefoot. Additionally, many have felt too firm and slappy underfoot. For me, the 2020 Cross family additions have turned that page with the Wildcross being my

Topo Ultraventure 2 The Ultraventure 2 spotted in its natural habitat. Topo Athletic has been rising in our the shop for years. In 2020 they shot up into our #4 slot, nearly even with and nipping at the heels of Hoka. For a shop that carries most of the major running brand players (we nixed Nike years ago), we're probably unique worldwide in that regard. While we've

The North Face Flight VECTIV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3V9De_eumw YouTube version of the North Face Flight VECTIV review. The "In-Quarantine" Edition. The North Face, like all good entrepreneurs, created the Flight VECTIV to solve a real-world problem relayed by UTMB finishers. The "problem" isolated was that a strong number of entrants were reporting fatigue in the legs as a limiter to race performance. My first reaction? Of course runners will experience

The North Face VECTIV Infinite https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vshZubnoiUY Video Review of the North Face VECTIV Infinite The VECTIV Infinite is designed to be comfortable over long, fast miles. Its plate is considered balanced, and stacked atop a rocker midsole geometry. The Matryx upper is designed to take a beating and the outsole is sticky over variable surfaces. Whereas the North Face has traditionally failed in bringing premier trail running shoes

https://youtu.be/1opLPaeiCJw Best of Trail Shoe Video Series: Round 1 - Stickiest Outsole Rubber (Note: Vibram Megagrip round add-on linked below) Running shoe company claims and names for outsole rubber, particularly for trail models, have always entertained me. So to have social media threads where runners weigh in on the question of the best outsole traction. Here in the Finger Lakes of New York, our trails are laced

Timmermade's Alpha Direct Hoodie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rmriwl6OU0o&feature=youtu.be Trails Collective's Video Review of the Timmermade Alpha Direct Hoodie Timmermade's Alpha Direct Hoodie might be one of the best running midlayers on the market. Below we'll dig into what attributes are critical for effective running midlayer function, introduce you to Timmermade, their Alpha Direct Hoodie, and provide a few comparisons. Let's start with one of the most recognizable running midlayers to ever

With a great blend of responsive cushioning, rock plate, and smooth lugs, Scott's Kinabalu Ultra RC is designed to run far and fast on semi-technical trails. I love the weight, design, and smooth underfoot feel. But are those upsides enough to justify the price-point, and have it pass muster on the terrain I'll run it? Let's dig in and find out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FT_3t4X2aiY Our Video Review of the

https://youtu.be/dCx1kuASwDE Topo Ultraventure Pro Review The Topo Ultraventure Pro Let's start by saying that we've loved Topo. The shape works for most feet, and better than traditional lasts. Their materials an design have evolved quite well in the past few years. Several of their models feel great out of the box. This has shown in them making more gains than any other footwear brands in our shop over

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVz07oaFk8g Video Review of the Hoka Challenger ATR 6 Review by Scott Doyle Scott, Cayuga Lake Tri The Hoka Challenger is a secret weapon. The latest edition, the ATR 6, is a continued improvement on this reliable, do anything shoe. It’s the ideal Upstate NY - door to trail -mixed weather condition runner that I’ve utilized.   I’ve ordered Challengers from the Finger Lakes Running Company for the past six


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