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The idea of ranking events based on scenic value is a bit ridiculous. There's so much subjectivity to one's connection with and experience of place. From dense old growth forests, to exposed and technical mountain pitches, creek crossings and waterfall passings, to sweeping panoramas. So, take this with a grain of subjective salt. For those arriving directly here, check out our lineup of the Toughest

Much of the mediasize and romance with trail running over the past decade + has circled around ultra. The press, the sponsorship dollars, where the bar is set for a sense of challenge and achievement. However, shorter distances don't require consumption of life in training and breakdown. In the lineup of Half'ish distance races below you'll find historic classics such as Pisgah, exposed mountain ridges

The Naked Prussian & German The Naked Prussian is an excellent representation of UberEndurance events. Its vibe is consistent with their slate of all-abilities-welcome Pennsylvania races. UberEndurance courses consist of flowy single-track with only mild elevation gain, and minimal technicality. This combination makes their events a really great environment for not only those just getting into trail running, but also opportunities for seasoned vets to


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