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Weekly Rundown, October 14, 2020

In the Media

TC Interviews: This past week Ellie connected with the wicked tough Britta Clark who’s had a fairly productive 2020 on the FKT front alone, in the mix, setting the Unsupported women’s mark on the Pemi in August, and the Presi Traverse in September. Two iconic routes. Check it out here. 

Pain Cave: Jay gets in Twenty Questions with physician, epidemiologist, coach, author, and five time US Trail Running Champ Megan Roche. Oy, that’s a ton of credentials and experiences. I can’t say that I’m worthy of listening…but I’m stoked to. And, which should be going down as I film, and to post this week, another round of Twenty with rock journalist / trail runner Tony Fletcher. Check them out. 



Kelly MacDonald continues to get out there with one to two per week. This weekend, 5h 40m for Grey Skylight, and Marcy, shaving 45 minutes off of Anna Lehmann’s time from July.

Laura Tuttle and Bethany Garretson, 1h 46m for the baseline self-supported female mark for the Lake Placid 9er Challenge


Amy Nelson, 10h 34m for the Rachel Carson Trail


Brian Banko, 29h 14m for the AT through Shenandoah National Park, shaving 23 minutes off of Will Wisebram’s Unsupported time for this 110 mile beast set only a month ago.


CT, MA: 

Raphael Sarfati, 4d 8h 35m for the New England Trail in Unsupported Fashion. At a bit over 200 miles, that’s a burly effort no matter how you cut it. But, Raphael even more so as he did it unsupported and owning the fastest time outright.

And one that we mentioned last week was Jay Whitbourne covering the Bob Marshall Traverse in the ADK’s, unsupported in 18h, 50m. A spectacular route and effort. I checked in with Jay to see if he’d take us into that a bit. Take it Jay (insert clip):


Saturday, October 10th:

Tesla Hertz Run, a 10 Miler, 50k, 50 Miler, 100k, and 100 miler put on by Happily Running in Rocky Point, NY. In the 100 mile, David Miao took the win in 22:54, with Tamari Ramishvili top woman at 29:16. A shout out to James Lampman on getting another 100 finish under the belt. In the 100k Kevin Scott in 10:55 and Stacey Williams in 15:29. For the 50 mile Patrick Smyth in 7:36 and Christine Meyer in 10:27. 50k, Adriana Arias in 4:02 and Mike Petrina in 4:53. In the 10 miler, Michael Carrozza and Karen Katigbak in 1:12.

Midstate Massive Ultra in New Ipswich, NH, running 30, 50, and 100 milers on October 10th and 11th. Results not yet listed, but there are some photos up from MassUltra’s Chris Wristen (). Results, once their available will be found here. Weighing in though is Chris Wristen in this clip. (pause) And, from from the RD’s.

Sunday, October 11th:

Steep Endurance’s Mohawk Mountain Race. With a 10k and 8 hour vertical challenge option, an opportunity to pummel your quads into submission via a serpentine loop on the Mohawk Mountain Ski Area. 26 participants in the 8hr, consisting of leg pummeling loops on Mohawk Mountain. Top finisher was William Sanders with 27 laps and 31 miles, and Stephanie Sibille with 17 laps and 20 miles. In the 10k which had something like 2,500 feet of gain, the win went to Benjamin Hearon in 56:59, with Sherri Odell taking the top women’s spot in 1:10. And in the 5k, Kenneth Berardi finished on top with 32:31, and Morgan Windram in 35:16. Full results can be found here

Green Monster Trail Challenge, a beautiful and burly 15k, 25k, and 50k beauties run in Wellsboro, PA put on by the Tyoga Running Club. A few pre-race photos, with leaves blown off the course ahead of the event, looked beautiful. Prime fall trail running. On the results. For the 15k, Tim Ribovic took the overal in 1:25 with Kim Harris on the women’s front in 1:35. In the 25k, 64 finishers with Dave Endress edging Adam Russell by a mere 3 seconds…oy, I’d say Grandpa Adam is just getting old, but Dave has him by 5 years so that doesn’t work! Top women’s mark went to Caitlin Jones in 2:55.  49 finishers of the 50k with Eric Kosek up top in 5:06, with Becky Kosek taking the women’s title in 6:17 to keep the top spots in the household. Of the two I give the toughness award to Becky for bouncing back after a great run at World’s End just a couple weekends ago. 

Tussey Mountainback, 50 Mile and Relay went down in in Boalsburg, PA. While results weren’t yet posted as of filming, what was, was a store from PennLive on the indomitable George Ertzweiler. George, as part of the relay called Old Men of the Mountains, took a 3.8 mile leg which he finished in 72 minutes. 72 minutes you say? Yup, 72 minutes, incredible given George is 100 years old. If I’m still alive at 100, I’m pretty sure that if I were remembering or cared to put on pants in the morning, it would take me 73 minutes. So, George, pretty incredible!  Full results, once live, will be here. 

The Sugarloaf Uphill Climb, a point to point ascent which gains 2,500 feet over 2.5 miles up Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine. It looks like they had a solid day with 166 entrants. Scanning the divisions, it appears that Zane Fields of White River Junction took the win in 26:04, with Kim Webster of Framingham with the fastest women’s time on the day. Looks tough and beautiful. Keep it on the radar for 2021  and full 2020 results found here.  

Big Brad Ultras, 50k and 50m options over nice trail with fair grade run in the Bradbury Mountain State Park and area in Pownal, Maine. In the 50k with August Posch of Portland on top in the 50k in 4:53, with the top female slot going to Gena Bosshart of Manchester in 7:11. In the 50m, Chance Simonton from Lebanon, NH took the win in 8:30, and Jennifer Britz less than a minute behind for 2nd place overall, top female, and second fastest Women’s time on the 50m course. Event info can be found at  and full results here. 

Sunshine Camp Trail Mix 5k in Rush, NY. This event helps to raise money to support kids with disabilities in attending the fully-accessible Rotary Sunshine camp. Good turnout with Darren Schutt taking the overall win in 19:12, and Ivonne Racaniello for the women in 24:29.

Upcoming Events

Friday, October 16th:

Thanks to Pat Heine for the tip re: the Wild Oak Trail 100 Fatass (hopefully that’s an okay category descriptor for me to use here). It’s a 30+ year old 112.8 mile 4 loop course, with each loop gaining around 7,000 feet, on The Wild Oak Trail. No formal entry, aid, volunteers, etc…Don’t ask questions, cuz if you do, you aren’t invited. Show up, toughen up, and get it done.


Pretzel City Sports Palmerton Glow Burn Nighttime Trail at Blue Mountain: Choose between the 5k, 10k, or 15k, with a start time of 6:00 pm. Pre-registraiton only open through today, so get on it at https://www.pretzelcitysports.com/onlineform1.php?id=1516

Saturday, October 17th:

VHTRC’s (member only) Pumpkin Spice 50k, a fattass event making use of the dirt roads and singletrack trails of the Prince William Forest Park. The course will be marked, and finish scoring kept. Registration appeared lottery based and only open through last night…but one to remember for next year and a reason to become a member of the VHTRC: http://www.vhtrc.org/enter/entry-PumpkSp.htm

Sinnemahone Trail Runs and Ultra, offering 12k, 25k, and 50k options run in Emporium, PA. The 12k option gives you over 1,800 feet of climbing in 7 miles, and the 25k/50k seem to mirror that trend. An event to run as a stand-alone, or for next year as part of their series starting with a Paddle Race, a Gravel Race in the Middle, and Trail Race in the Fall. Pretty cool combination. Registration is open through October 15th: https://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=78647

Little Pines 5 Miler, a low key family and youth friendly event running ahead of the Call of Wilds Trail Festival. More information here (https://www.patraildogs.com/little-pine-5) and registration open until day of race here: https://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=72232

Sunday, October 18th:

Call of the Wild’s Mountain Fest, 25k / 50k run over beautiful, rugged courses in Waterville, PA. With a boatload of elevation change, and technical terrain, this is another PA gem. Registration just capped out this week so keep it on your radar for 2021. https://www.patraildogs.com/wilds

Saturday, October 24th:

Live Loud Running’s Pachaug Trail Runs, giving you ½ Marathon, Marathon, and 50k options run in the Pachaug State Forest in Voluntown, CT. Covid modifications for 2020 include needing to drop the 50 mile, and limiting each distance to 100 runners, with 50 per wave. Registration open here through October 21st: https://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=76644

Taking Us Out

We’ll close out this week with a clip from Ashley Carr. As we plugged in last week’s episode, she set off last Wednesday to run out and back on the AT through Shenandoah National Park, a section covering 214 miles and 45,000 feet of elevation gain. Raising awareness and funds for the organization Girls in the Game, with a mission statement of helping to empower girls to discover their strength, find their voice, and become strong confident women. A pretty outstanding mission. She nailed it, finishing in 3d, 16h, 44m. https://support.girlsinthegame.org/fundraiser/2925318 

An incredible endurance undertaking and effort. Thanks for tuning in this week. I’ll maybe catch some of you at Little Pines or Call of the Wilds this weekend. Until then….Ashley take us out.

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