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Weekly Rundown, October 7, 2020

Weekly Rundown

October 7, 2020

It was a great weekend on my end, spending three days playing in the Adirondack High Peaks. We ended up 0/2 on high-peak views (summits were socked in by clouds and precipitation), but quality time none the less. Also had time to get some miles into the Inov8 TerraUltra G270 (great shoe for allowing you to run down mountains with babys on your back, and review coming soon), and the Nathan Vapor Air 2.0 7L (really liked it, and vest reviews also coming soon). Before hitting the road, I was also able to get a review up for the Saucony Switchback 2. Although it won’t be everyone’s go-to, and isn’t build for really technical terrain, I love the underfoot feel. Check out the review here.



FastestKnownTime’s put out Episode 105 which covered the duel between two incredible athletes, Alyssa Godesky, and Sarah Keyes, as they went after the Adirondack 46 FKT in August. Check it out here. 


Salomon’s Golden Ticket series with the Northeast segment being the Presi Traverse, a 17.9 mile rugged segment, offering over : Men’s Winner, Aaron Newell, running a 4:02 on September 28th, 7 minutes ahead of runner-up Dan Curts. Following the Strava logs, it looks like Dan took it out hotter, leading through the Mount Madison out-back before Aaron took over and didn’t look back. And for the women’s field and win, Jess Marion in 4:35 on September 27th, ending up 2 minutes ahead of second place Britta Clark. I’m not a Strava paid member so I can’t see how the women’s match up shook out. Phenomenal efforts over an iconic BeastCoast route. The winners will get full ride tickets to the Salomon Golden Trail Championships in the Azores end of this month. I did reach out to Aaron, Jess and Patrick with short clips from Aaron and Jess woven in above.



  • Josie Wilson, 1h 20m for the Iron Trail, lowering Grace Long’s time from earlier this year by 35 minutes


  • Christopher Welker, Jenna Bensko, and Meghan Morgan, 15h 36m for the Dartmouth 50 Mile mixed gender team baseline mark.
  • Albert Hansrisuk and Bill Willsey, 3h 28m for the Mt. Monadnock Pumpelly Trail



  • Mark Schenberger, 4h 14m for NJ’s Appalachian Trail’s Delaware Water Gap to Culvers Gap segment



  • Ted Erkkila and Michele Zandona, 1h 58m for a baseline mixed gender team on the Hook Mountain Loop
  • Justin Kousky continues to hammer through 2020, this one taking a double-shot of the 22.5 mile Escarpment Trail, gaining 11,600’ in 45 miles in 10h 19m
  • Matt Perkins – whereas Justin’s was a baseline mark, Matt, lowered the existing and solid time set this past July of the Escarpment one-way unsupported by over 23 minutes, for a new mark of 4h 5m.
  • Shawn Bubany, 2h 17m for the Huckleberry Loop Trail, shaving 25 minutes off of my teammate, CatsTail and Manitou’s Revenge Co-RD Mike Siudy’s time from 2012
  • Thomas Waniewski, 14h 56m for the self-supported baseline on the Lake Placid 9er Challenge
  • Sarah Keyes, 2h 2m for Whiteface and Esther, shaving 6 minutes off of Charlotte Winkler’s time from July of this year. 



  • Barbara McMullen, 8h 29m for a baseline women’s supported mark over the 69 km Gerry Connolly Cross County Trail



  • Johnny Lyons had at the out-back of the York County Heritage & North Central Railroad Trail spanning PA and Maryland, covering the 95.58 miles in 18h 54m. With only 1,494 feet over nearly 100 miles, ooph…I’d be mentally screaming for an excuse to walk which hills provide in many trail ultras.
  • Katie Thompson, 8h 28m for the AT Four State Challenge, spanning 45 miles point to point through PA, MD, WV, and VA. Katie’s time shaves over 2 hours from Susie Bousquet’s time from July of this year. 




NJ Trail Series 3 Days At the Fair in Augusta, NJ:

A gamut of endurance distances which includes Marathon, 50k, 6 hour, 12 hour, 24 hour, 48 hour, 72 hour, and the grand Pooba 144 hour (or 6 day which is starting I think today), and, well, pretty much every combination in between. All events used a certified 1 mile loop, making it Boston Qualifying, and over crushed cinder. This event really brings out the true, ridiculous if not old school transcendental nutty ultra. Performances included Marisa Lizak completing 243 miles in 48 hours, just ahead of top male Bob Hearn who put in 240 miles. Amy MOwer putting in 385 miles in the 144 hour event, with the longest running male, Philip Eberts, shelling out 459 miles. Eesh! Bringing us in a bit deeper into the event, is teammate, Pain Cave mastermind, and Physician, Jay Friedman, who was the overall 24 hour winner with 120 miles.

Full results (though, they’re not loading on my laptop) can be found at http://liveatthefair.com


Friday, October 2nd


Inaugural Red Barn Challenge, a 6hr, 12hr, 24hr kicked off at 7pm in Lykens, PA, making use of a grassy, rolling mile loop course. This wasn’t one that was on my radar prior so thanks to Clayton Bouchard for the tip. In the 24hr Thomas Crayton took the win with 122 miles with Leann Martinez, popped blisters, bandaged feet, and a cracked windshield in the morning for good luck took the top mileage for the women with 80. In the 12hr Becca Lindgren took the overall mileage win with 69 followed by Karl Feucht with 65. In the kiddy race 6hr, Scott Lesh took the overall mileage win with 36 with Kara Hale taking the women’s top slot with 31.


Saturday, October 3rd:


Bubba’s Backyard Ultra, a Last Person Standing format even rant in Center Conway, NH. The course used a 3.5 mile mostly forest singletrack loop with 250’ of gain and one aid station midway. Results: 43 losers with Ed Clifford, of Raymond, NH emerging as the Last Person Standing after 119 miles. We turn to Andrew Drummond and Monte Macendeau for a rundown of the event. 

Full Results can be found here.


CatsTail Trail Marathon, a gorgeous fall marathon running point to point through the Catskills to complete a stretch started by Escarpment and Manitou’s Revenge. The course is rugged, and beautiful, covering 26.5 miles with 7,000’ of ascent. COVID field size was reduced to 50, including volunteers, so the field was slim this year. Not slim in quality though as Daniel Grip returned to lower Liam Cregan’s prior course record by just over a minute to 4:18. Teammate Amelia Kaufman returned to take the win in 5:30 and weighed in for us in the video above. To give us the larger rundown, teammate Mike the original CatSkill Siudy, who also ran, also weighs in in the clip.


Sunday, October 4th:

The Black Forest Ultra, a tough, remote, and rugged 100k run in North Bend, PA. With a tagline of “Diabolically Epic”, the event starts at 12:01 am with a 65 mile lollipop configuration offering 13,400’ of elevation gain and a 19 hour cutoff.  Anthony Wallick took the overall win and CR in 13:39. Anthony, who I ran with and ended up filming for a chunk of Frozen Snot this past February, checked back in regarding the event and effort (insert clip).  Kathleen “complete trail endurance animal” Cusick took the women’s win in 15:30. For a rundown / recap of the event is RD Dave “the Hillside Slider” Walker (insert clip from Dave). Full results can be found here


In-Person Events Coming Up


October 7th:

A solo effort: Ashley Carr will be setting off this Wednesday to run out and back on the AT through Shenandoah National Park, a section covering 214 miles and 45,000 feet of elevation gain. Raising awareness and funds for the organization Girls in the Game, with a mission statement of helping to empower girls to discover their strength, find their voice, and become strong confident women. A pretty outstanding mission. I reached out to Ashley who was able to connect back with a video segment woven in above. Any Trails Sisters out there wanting to get in on that effort? https://support.girlsinthegame.org/fundraiser/2925318


Saturday, October 10th:

Tesla Hertz Run, a 10 Miler, 50k, 50 Miler, 100k, and 100 miler put on by Happily Running in Rocky Point, NY. Currently about 110 entrants between the distances. Uses a 10 mile trail loop on the Pine Barrens Long Island Greenbelt Trail with an aid station at the midpoint. Registration is closed for this year. 


Midstate Massive Ultra in New Ipswich, NH, running 30, 50, and 100 milers on October 10th and 11th. With 197 already registered between the 3 distances, between NH to MA (depending on the distance) on the historic Midstate Trail. Registration is still live here.


Sunday, October 11th:

Steep Endurance’s Mohawk Mountain Race. With a 10k and 8 hour vertical challenge option, an opportunity to pummel your quads into submission via a serpentine loop on the Mohawk Mountain Ski Area. The 10k gives you 2600’ feet of gain which is pretty solid, and the Vert Challenge 575’ each loop. Registration open through October 9th here. 


The Green Monster Trail Challenge, a beautiful and burly 15k, 25k, and 50k beauties run in Wellsboro, PA. This popular gem also sells out, and has already, and with a lengthy waitlist, but keep in on your fall radar for 2021.


Tussey Mountainback, a long-time US Championship event run in Boalsburg, PA. Covid modifications this year including a reduced field size and solo ultra only, and aid stations offering fluids and drop-bag format only. Registration open through October 10th here.


The Sugarloaf Uphill Climb, a point to point ascent which gains 2,500 feet over 2.5 miles up Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine. Looks tough and beautiful. It appears it’s still running for 2020 but with registration capped out. Keep it on the radar for 2021. 


The Big Brad Ultras, 50k and 50m options run in the Bradbury Mountain State Park and area in Pownal, Maine. Sounds nicely technical, with 4,500’ gain in the 50k, and 7,500’ for the 50 mile over predominant singletrack. One to travel for, though, for next year as reg is closed for 2020. Keep your eye on it next round.


Sunshine Camp Trail Mix 5k in Rush, NY. This event helps to raise money to support kids with disabilities in attending the fully-accessible Rotary Sunshine camp. Registration via RunSignUp here. 


Friday, October 16th:

Thanks to Pat Heine for the tip re: the Wild Oak Trail 100 Fatass (hopefully that’s an okay category descriptor for me to use here). It’s a 30+ year old 112.8 mile 4 loop course, with each loop gaining around 7,000 feet, on The Wild Oak Trail. No formal entry, aid, volunteers, etc…Don’t ask questions, cuz if you do, you aren’t invited. Show up, toughen up, and get it done.


Saturday, October 17th:


VHTRC’s (member only) Pumpkin Spice 50k, a fattass event making use of the dirt roads and singletrack trails of the Prince William Forest Park. The course will be marked, and finish scoring kept. Registration appeared lottery based and only open through last night…but one to remember for next year and a reason to become a member of the VHTRC:


Sinnemahone Trail Runs and Ultra, offering 12k, 25k, and 50k options run in Emporium, PA. The 12k option gives you over 1,800 feet of climbing in 7 miles, and the 25k/50k seem to mirror that trend. An event to run as a stand-alone, or for next year as part of their series starting with a Paddle Race, a Gravel Race in the Middle, and Trail Race in the Fall. Pretty cool combination. Registration is open through October 15th here. 


Little Pines 5 Miler, a low key family and youth friendly event running ahead of the Call of Wilds Trail Festival. More information here, and registration open until day of race here.


Sunday, October 18th:

The Call of the Wild’s Mountain Fest, 25k / 50k run over beautiful, rugged courses in Waterville, PA. With a boatload of elevation change, and technical terrain, this is another PA gem. Registration just capped out this week so keep it on your radar for 2021. 


Saturday, October 24th:

Live Loud Running’s Pachaug Trail Runs, giving you ½ Marathon, Marathon, and 50k options run in the Pachaug State Forest in Voluntown, CT. Covid modifications for 2020 include needing to drop the 50 mile, and limiting each distance to 100 runners, with 50 per wave. Registration open here through October 21st.


Virtual Events Coming Up


Plymouth’s Long, Hard & Dirty Ultra – 10k, 30k, 50k, 8 Hour events running virtually between October 9 and October 12th. You can run their designated course in Plymouth, Mass, or anywhere. Register here.

Shore2Shore 25k / 50k originally slated to run using the Suffolk County Long Island Greenbelt Trail in Kings Park, NY, and spanning the tip from North to South, and an event pushed back from April and into a virtual format. I’m uncertain of the Virtual format details but you can Register here


Rockhopper Racing’s Roo’s Rampage which gives you a rare opportunity at a CaniCross Division event for this year. You can register here.


Batona Trail Races Virtual 33 and 55 milers, typically one that runs point to point in Ong’s Hat, in the New Jersey Pine Barrens- one that went COVID virtual, but, I can’t quite make out the format whether on a set course, on anywhere on your own.


Thanks for tuning in this week and see you on the trails!



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