Author: Eric Eagan

This week we are going to visit Rochester, NY - A small city on the shores of Lake Ontario with a booming trail scene. (Full disclosure, this is where your author is from). Rochester offers incredible trails with a county park system that years ago invested in open spaces as well as numerous volunteer trail organizations that build, maintain, and advocate for the trails in

Often falling in the shadow of that big city in NY, and ignored as an area with trails due to population density, Northern New Jersey has tucked away a number of worthy parks and runnable trails with views and a ruggedness you just would not expect there. Let’s get off the city streets and find out what Northern New Jersey has!  The “You need to run

“We like mud down here because we don’t have hills” Intro -  Welcome to the Delmarva Peninsula! Combining parts of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia into one region that some of the locals might call the “lower slower Delaware” as life slows down away from the hustle and bustle of big towns surrounding it-Sitting on the Maryland side of the Chesapeake Bay, and covering some of the

Sunrise at Highpoint Park along the Mason Dixon Trail Photo Credit Grayce Langheine With a historic bridge connecting the two towns, the Conestoga Cowboys roaming the region, and a grass roots feel to make you fall in love with the sport of trail running, this month we showcase the trails along the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania! In the spirit of being “connected by trails” we will

Vishal Gupta on the 171 mile Conservation Trail in Allegany State Park - Photo Credit Mark Valites from @Buffalotrailandultrarunners Tucked into the far southwestern corner of New York State on the border of Pennsylvania lie the Enchanted Mountains of Cattaraugus County and the trail town of Ellicottville, NY.  With a permanent population of less than 300 people, there are two ski resorts, miles of cross-country ski and

We are excited to bring a new monthly column showing off your trail towns. Every so often a story comes out in a major publication showcasing “best trail towns”. They highlight beautiful places and incredible trail systems. The towns host some famous races and they tell of the people that live and love the trails. Have you ever read those columns and thought to yourself “We

Dave Wright Interviewed and written by Eric Eagan Dave on recent hike on the trails in Victor In 1991 Dave Wright answered a newspaper ad that was looking for people to join and create a volunteer trail committee in the small town of Victor, NY. 29 years later, and over 65 miles of new trails, he is still at it, leading an organization called the Victor Hiking Trails


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