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Introducing Your Trail: The Hidden Gems of East Coast Trail Towns

We are excited to bring a new monthly column showing off your trail towns. Every so often a story comes out in a major publication showcasing “best trail towns”. They highlight beautiful places and incredible trail systems. The towns host some famous races and they tell of the people that live and love the trails.

Have you ever read those columns and thought to yourself “We have all of that here, but never get recognized”?

Have you ever read those lists and pictured packed trails with tourists and dreamed a bit about the “off the beaten path” areas?

Have you gone to these places, and been left wanting to find more places, experience new people, and check out different terrain?

 If you said yes to any of that – this column is for you. Hopefully along the way it will be for all of you who did not have a strong feeling on those questions as well.

We are going to reintroduce you to some really hoppin trail towns and then take you to places that you may never have heard of.  We want to help you find the towns, the trails, and the best people with the most knowledge. Then we want to show you where to stay when you visit, what to eat and drink, and even if there are any neat little FKT’s that some of you speedsters might want to chase down. 

We want to hear from you as well – The collective. What makes a trail town? What do you look for when traveling to run? What would get you to travel to one of our towns? Who are the experts in your town? Where are they? What towns should make a list like this? Help us out, send us suggestions! While we are at it, how about those “Unsung Heros” in your neck of the woods. The old timers, the trail mommas, the folks who deserve to have their story told.

On the 2nd Monday of every month you can look forward to learning about a new East Coast trail town. We are excited for the journey – Every town has a path – Help us show yours!

Suggestions can be sent to Eric at TrailsRoc@Gmail.com

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