Author: Kuwanna Dyer-Pietras

“Hey man, if the race is that important to you, then go for it. It’s your call.” He delivered the response with expert-level diplomacy, honed over years of treating patients with the same fanatical glow in their eyes as that which possessed mine. I was asking for my PT’s blessing to race the upcoming St. Luke’s Half Marathon in Allentown, PA. And while he might as

Kuwanna running the English Ridge Rumble Recently, I was reminded of my joy for running ultramarathons.For me, it is a joy of simply moving through these spaces, a joy independent of time, pace, place,and performance.It is a joy of camaraderie, of gratitude for simply being able to toe the line, for connecting withothers, a joy of simply being.Sure, with each race comes the opportunity to run

We evolved in the outdoors.In fact, we evolved in the back country.There were few trails, likely no trails, when hominids first walked out of Africa to settle Europeand Asia around 2 million years ago.We ran to hunt. We ran to escape.Our children ran to play. They still do.As climate cooled for a time, forests gave way to open grasslands, and our ancestors evolvedfrom tree dwellers


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