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Introducing: Running Back To Basics

My name is Kuwanna Dyer-Pietras and I am a trail and ultrarunner. I first started running competitively during my sophomore year in high school when I joined the cross country team. In my senior year, I also competed in track, including the 200 m, 400 m, and the pole vault. After high school, I continued running through my twenties and my thirties.

In recent years, I have completed several marathons and ultramarathons, with 50 mile events being my bread and butter. I have completed one 100K and have yet to complete a 100-miler but it’s on my radar.

Here at the Trails Collective, I’ll have a monthly column where I share my perspectives on topics related to trail and ultrarunning. Some of the topics I plan to explore include coming back from an injury, both mentally and physically, balancing running with family responsibilities, finding joy simply in moving through wild spaces, brand ambassadorships, and conquering imposter syndrome, for those who may be new to the trails or ultradistances. I ran throughout my second pregnancy, craving running like some women may crave ice cream or pickles. It could be fun to touch on that as well.

Previously, I’ve created content for the Patagonia Trail Running Instagram and helped manage the Dirtbag Runners Instagram. I have also contributed to the Trail Sisters blog.

I look forward to becoming a regular content contributor in this space and getting to know the local trail community better, through racing and through the written word.

Photo credit: Steve Gallow

Reach out if you have any questions!

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