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TC Interviews: Kim Levinsky of Sassquad Trail Runners

Kim Levinsky has worked hard to make trail running accessible and fun for everyone.

She is the RD for Sassquad Trail Running, a running community in the tri-state area. Last year 56% of her finishers were female, all veterans and family sign-ups get a discount and most of racing revenue is donated to local charities.

This past fall, Kim completed her first 100 miler and has set numerous FKTs, both supported and unsupported. Kim works in education traveling around her area teaching kids outdoor PE. She spent years as a grad student and Division 2 softball coach at Searsburg University. She and her three female co-RDs have a mission to make EVERY TRAIL RUN A PARTY!

They’ve so far succeeded each and every time.

Connect with Kim below!


Sassquad Trail Runners



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