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TC Interviews: Rich Heffron

In 2017, Rich Heffron ran five races. He won four of them. The one he didn’t, was Twisted Branch 100k, arguably the hardest 100k on the east coast. In that race, he lost to Jim Sweeny, the course record holder. In 2018, Rich was attacked by a bird and went to the hospital with injuries interrupting his racing season. He also had a baby and fully embraced the dad role. His son Jude ran his first race at the FLRC indoor track meet, when he was a year old. We reached out to Jude for this show, but settled for his father.

Rich has won or placed second in every trail race he’s done. Not only is he a fast runner, he’s a huge member of the running community, providing local commentary and support. Listen to him on Jay Friedman’s podcasts, listed below. 

What more can we say about Rich?

Episode 12: Media Bias with Rich Heffron

Episode 57: Men’s Ultrarunning Draft

Instagram: @richard.heffron



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