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Trails Collective Weekly Rundown: November 27, 2020

Weekly Rundown of Registrations, Results and Voices, and Upcoming Events

Just In Case You Missed It

Registrations Opening Soon

Cayuga Trails 50’s

Scheduled to run on Saturday, May 29th in Ithaca, NY have registration set to go live this Saturday, November 28th at midnight, with a reduced field size secondary to 150 or so who opted to skip the 2020 running and roll into 2021:


Breakneck Point

Slated for Saturday, May 8th in Beacon, NY, are set to go live with registration also this Saturday, November 28th at midnight. Breakneck Point caps out at 440. If each of the entrants who opted to roll over from this year do so, the field size will be open to under 300, so don’t wait if interested: https://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=80593

World’s End Ultramarathons

World’s End is set to open registration on Saturday, December 5th at 6:00 pm. Secondary to rollovers there are only 106 spots remaining in the 100k, and 5 spots for the 50k. The event, even when fully open to the masses, capped out in 3 minutes. So, not one to wait on. https://worldsendultra.com/registration/

Traprock 17k / 50k

A classic northeast trail race using the MetaComet Single and surrounding doubletrack in Bloomfield, CT, Traprock is slated to run on April 17 – 18. Registration opens this Thursday, November 26th. . With restrictions still in place they’re planning on opening the event to 50 entrants in each distance, but the hopes of being able to expand to 100 for each ahead of raceday.


Video version Results and Voices

Results and Voices

Labor Pains

A 10 hour trail run put on by the crew at Pretzel City Sports, ran this past Sunday. We have a couple weighing in on the event. Tracy Wright and her son Collin…take it. And, men’s finisher Andrew Styer.

Campgaw Trail Series

The second race in New Jersey Trail’s Campgaw Series ran on Saturday at the Campgaw Mountain Reservation in Mahwah, NJ.  One of the men’s winners on the day, Chance Parker, checked in to give us the rundown on the event. Take it Chance.

The third in the series will run on December 5 and registration is still open.

Hex Hollow Half

Run in Spring Valley Park in York County, PA, Hex Hollow offers roots, rocks, two stream crossings, fast descents and challenging climbs. 13.1 and 6.66 milers are sold out with COVID caps in place. Eric Ferree and Tiffany Ann reporting in.

JFK 50 Mile

The oldest Ultra in the Country, an “A” race for so many, faced quite a bit of scrutiny and heat leading into the event. In my opinion, rightly so. Looking to put on an event open to 1200 runners with waves of 400, bringing people in from across the country, and in the environment of a County ramping up in COVID numbers, I think it was straight irresponsible. With that said, I still want to acknowledge this historic event, and a lot of really incredible performances put in by athletes from across the country. To do it justice, I brought in someone much smarter than myself to break it down. Encyclopedia Rich Heffron…give us the JFK Rundown including clips from Melissa Ruse and Graham Peck.

Events Ahead

November 28

Fraud Street Run:

“Lace up those old Pumas and take off on an inspiring 11-mile-ish charity run through the City of Brotherly Love, starting at the famous Four Seasons Total Landscaping and finishing up at the lesser-known Four Seasons Hotel (neither institution is affiliated in any way with this nonsense). View the Course Map. Feel free to reverse the course and start at the Hotel and end at Total Landscaping. There are no rules.”

Got a bit too popular in a hurry and went full Virtual.

December 5

Quarantine Puppy

Typically a 100k and 100 mile in Prince William Park in Triangle, VA, Devil Dog had to restructure into a limited field sized 50k called the Quarantine Puppy 50k which is capped out. http://www.devildogultras.com/

0 Degree Winter Trail Festival 5M

Put on by the most excellent crew at #TrailsRoc in Pittsford, NY, 0 Degree WTF had a limited COVID field size and capped out, but check it for next year: https://trailsroc.org/wtf/

Beat the Bumble

A 10k put on by Run Life Events at the Watchung Reservation in Mountainside, NJ BTB is still open. Big thanks to Wayne Pacconi for weighing in last week to educate me on the Bumble. It would seem the Bumble should be public knowledge so I’m going to do Wayne a solid and pay forward the edumication. So, listen up The event is now sold out, so if you were hoping to outrun said Bumble this year, you’re crap outta luck. You should have taken me seriously last year when I said get on it now.

Campgaw Fall Series #3

Held at the Campgaw Mountain Reservation in Mahwah, NJ, and put on by the crew at the NJ Trail Series, the third in the series will run on December 5th. The 5k loop course uses the Old Cedar and Silver NYNJTC Trails at Campgaw Mountain. Registration live for the 5k, 10k, and 13.1M options at: https://runsignup.com/Race/NJ/Mahwah/CampgawFallSeries3

December 12

Hellgate 100k

If you’re not already in the know on this one, it’s probably not in your future for 2020. http://www.extremeultrarunning.com/

December 13

Naked Nick 25k / 50k

Running at Blue Marsh in Leesport, PA, Naked Nick is another gem put on the great community which is Uber Endurance Sports. Classic trail events at classic race fees. 25k is only $35 duckets, the 50k, only 39. Similar to that Bumble event…if you were hoping to get your Naked Nick on surrounded by friends this year, you’re also outta luck and should have followed by advice last week. Now you’re just gonna have to show up at a random person name Nick’s house, and when his spouse answers the door, you have to ask her if Nake Nick is home, then wink.  http://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=77795

Frosty Looper 8Held

Held at Cooper River Park, Frosty Looper uses a fast flat 3.75 mile loop with great views of the Philadelphia skyline and water in Pennsauken, NJ. It’s put on by the crew at Endless Endurance. Registration is open until November 30. So get yourself in the hopper for a Frosty Looper campfire mug, beanie, beanie, and 8 hours of glorious punishment at http://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=79108

Frosty Forest 5k

Frosty Forest runs in the Roosevelt Forest of Stratford, CT. There’s currently 33 registered but a cap of 50, so if interested, now would be the time: http://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=74464

West Rock Winter Fat Ass Extravaganza 8H

Another wonderfully punishing option put on by the crew at Live Loud Running. This round is capped out at 50 entrants but check it out for next year: https://www.liveloudrunning.com/event-info/west-rock-winter-extravaganza

FKT Friday


Justin Kousky – 3h 37m for the Richard Goodwin Trail, a 13.5 mile point to point, and lowering Raphael Sarfati’s time from October by 4 minutes. This is Justin’s 31st FKT this year. I’d guess his average finish time is about 4-5 hours…so he’s not been sticking to short or easy routes. Nice continued work Justin.


Steve Levandosky – 3h 4m for the Ware River Rail Trail, an opening mark for this flat 25.6 mile point to point rail trail.

Cody Cutler – 17h 42m for the Midstate Trail, lowering his own mark from May by over 4 hours. Guessing maybe that May effort was a scouting trip?


Mitchell Vogel – Manhattan Loop in 3h 41m, lowering the prior Male Unsupported mark from October by over 25 minutes. Not stopping there, he also comes in two minutes under David Kilgore’s Self-Supported mark from August of this year. Knowing David’s fitness is pretty legit…looking for a history on Mitchell…I’m coming up empty-handed on a quick search of marathon results or anything of note on UltraSignUp. Who is this newcomer?

Bethany Garretson – 6h 29m for the Cold River Loop and opening Female Unsupported mark for this beautiful 30 mile ADK High Peak loop around the Sewards.

Lee Kyler – 8h 12m for the Jackrabbit Ski Trail, a 40 mile route between Paul Smiths in the ADK’s to Keene.

Trisha Ignatowski – 3h 28m for the Five Sisters Loop in Bear Mountain State Park, taking 13 minutes off of Kelly MacDonald’s opening mark from October.

Kim Levinsky – 9m 30s (??) for the Bear Mountain State Park 7 Summits. This is a 28 mile beautiful route covering over 7500 of elevation gain and some technical terrain. Guessing this must be an error in the time stamp, and maybe should be 9h..or the hours are missing?


Eric Shumaker – 7h 48m for the Redbank Valley Trail, 41 mile rail trail between Brookville and the Allegheny River. This is an opening mark for the route.


Varina Shaughnessy – The 23 mile hill climb route of the Priest & Three Ridges in 6h 20m, a time shaving over an hour off of Stephanie Dannenberg’s time from earlier this month. Elevation gain is still less than the Breakneck Point Trail Marathon…so Varina and Stephanie, giving you the invite to come join us in May in Beacon, NY.

Rodrigo Vellon – 6h 6m for the Washington & Old Dominion Trail, shaving 22 minutes off of Shawn McDermott’s prior Unsupported Male mark from September.

Gear Review Wednesday

Hoka Challenger ATR 6

Scott Doyle weighs in with a review of the Hoka Challenger ATR 6, a series he’s been in since version 1. Check out his review here and with a video version below.

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