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TC Interviews: Silas Carey

Silas Carey is ahead of the times. He and his wife moved to New Zealand three years ago, burnt out on city life. They wanted to move abroad somewhere so he could practice PT and she could teach yoga. Well, they aren’t dealing with the pandemic like we are now, and just had a baby. Lucky, lucky family.

Growing up in New Delhi and running XC and track at Cortland, Silas started trail running out of college. He enjoyed the longer running involved in cross country so it seemed a natural transition. He moved to NYC after college and began road racing but struggled with injuries.

Silas decided to pursue a doctorate in physical therapy after realizing he could avoid the dreaded injury cycle with simply prehab measures and appropriate recovery. 

After joining a friend in his first ultra race, a 70k, Silas got hooked into the long distances before even running a marathon. Silas has some speedy times with a 3:43 50k and a 7:51 50M at Cayuga Trails. He doesn’t feel like he has a specialty, more a pursuit of self-knowledge. 

Since moving to New Zealand, Silas has experienced a different style of trail running which he explains in the episode. He also explains the posts he’s written for Mountain Peak Fitness as a Red Newt athlete. He’s written about developing strength in the lower limbs as well as race reports. Check these out below:



This episode is full of nuggets of wisdom from your friendly sports PT, as well as stories from our Beast Coast trails and what living in a place sans pandemic feels like.

Connect with Silas here:

Instagram: @silas_carey


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