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Patapsco Valley 50k

The Patapsco Valley 50k

  • Run over the trails of the Patapsco Valley State Forest west of Baltimore
  • About 4,700 feet of elevation gain (and loss) with rolling climbs and descents
  • Mostly buffed out single-track with a bit of rocks to keep you on your toes
  • Some miles which feel wonderfully remote
Check out more from the crew at White Oak Running Company at https://whiteoakrunning.com/


Gear Choices:

Hydration / Apparel option: Ultimate Direction Hydroskin shorts.

  • Plenty of capacity for both nutrition and hydration carrying capacity for aid station intervals
  • Provided hands and back-free functionality
  • Dried quickly and didn’t feel weighty with the river crossing
  • Soft enough for miles of buffed single-track
  • Protected enough for interspersed rock sections
  • Lugs were like butter through a bit of mud
  • Dried quickly after the river crossing
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