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TC Interviews: Cole Crosby

In 2015 Cole Crosby was running 250 laps on an indoor track. He was hoping to beat Michael Wardian’s WR time of 3:06. With 8 laps to go, he drank a cup of Gatorade from his well-meaning father. That Gatorade was the poison. With 3 miles to go, Cole lost it. He lost everything in his stomach. He lost consciousness a few times. He lost his legs. He walked the last 8 laps and finished in 3:16.43.

Along the way, he set a new marathon PR of 2:34. Casual like us Beast Coasters usually do, he’s never run a marathon PR in an actual marathon. He’s only run one marathon, after graduating from the University of Oklahoma, because all the guys were doing it.

Since then, Cole has been tearing it up on the trails in the East. His goal when he began was to make a US team. He has met that goal a few times and recently represented the US at the World Snowshoe Championships in Japan. 

These ambitious training goals defined Cole’s running for years. Then a pandemic happened and he did a self-evaluation. What was he running for? Why was he doing this? How could he use his legs for good, while having adventures and pushing his body to new limits?

In this episode, Cole recounts his frequent fundraising and long runs during the pandemic. He explains what his motivations are now and the future he has planned. Ellie asks him about his three DNFs at Cayuga Trails and what finishing felt like. He shares what he’s changed in his training and how that’s improved his results. 

This episode is JAM PACKED! Don’t miss out!

Cole’s Website and Blog: https://crestingthesummit.com/

Instagram: @colecrosby41


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