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TC Interviews: Britta Clark

Britta Clark is studying philosophy at Harvard. Wait, scratch that, she’s getting her Ph.D in philosophy at Harvard. Beginning with environmental science, she got a grant to go to New Zealand to get her Masters. When she was there, she enjoyed the flexibility and persistence reflected in the questions asked in her environmental ethics classes. 

She’s now interested in climate change specific topics like how quickly to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, how to distribute those costs across nations and whether it’s appropriate to build things, even if they’re good for the planet, on sacred or spiritual ground.

The big question: should rights be given to inanimate objects and resources like trees, rivers and mountains?

In New Zeland, Britta was able to race in some really beautiful places like Mount Difficulty and the Kepler Challenge. The success she had early on encouraged her to continue and get better at shorter distance ultras. She’s yet to run 100 miles, and waiting till she’s ready, though admits the longer distances are easier for her. She’s never raced anything shorter than a half marathon.

In this episode, Britta explains her favorite distance, working with Coach David Roche, her affinity for Blueberry Hill B&B and her recent FKT a the Pemi Loop in NH. What compelled Britta to go for the FKT? How did she do it? Will she do it again and take it from Ben Nephew?

All this and more on the Trails Collective!

Instagram: @brittanofilters


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