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TC Interviews: Daven Oskvig

Needing not much of an introduction, Daven is a local Rochester and Buffalo running legend. He is an ordained minister in the Lutheran church, and manages to run 90-100 miles per week while keeping the Sabbath day holy. The Lord has blessed him that’s for sure.

He ran in high school and college, but took time off competition until he began seminary and needed an outlet. The Lord drove him towards his current passion for crushing both road and trails. He began to get back in shape, then to see how fast he could get, and then how far he could go. Let’s be clear, he won his first attempt at the distance and continues to train for at least one marathon a year as a build to something longer. 

Daven has won the prestigious Oil Creek 100 3 times and came in second twice. He’s won Mendon Ponds 50k too many times to count. He’s won the Can Lakes 50M. He won Twisted Branch in 2015. This guy has a lot of experience and it shows.

In this episode, Daven and Ellie discuss training in the winter. Daven shares the challenge his wife threw down, to run every day outside in the Buffalo winter. He completed the challenge but also explains his cross-training when the outside miles wear him down. 

Daven explains how much he still has to learn during his racing, despite having a solid nutrition and racing strategy that has led him to success. He controls what he can control, and then modifies out on the course. He explains “walking with purpose” something every trail runner needs to pay attention to.

Quote of the episode:

“I’ve never been able to figure out how to put my toe on a start line and not give it everything I have.”

This episode has tons of wisdom from a Beast Coast Elite. Don’t miss it in both video and podcast form!

Instagram: @rundaddeerun


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