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TC Interviews: Scott Parr

Scott is that guy. The guy who will steal the podium if the “local elite” in the race isn’t on their A game. He’s gotten 6th at Twisted Branch, a tough 100k, the past 3 years. When he sees people show up, he knows his competition, but Scott knows his true race is with himself. He wants to run against the trail and the day itself.

Scott was a soccer player throughout high school, staying athletic into his adult years. He remained in a men’s soccer league until finding running 7 years ago. In the summer of 2013 Scott began running small 5ks. He quickly progressed on the trail scene running a 50 mile fatass at MFATML then 70 at Twisted Branch in 2017. The following year, he challenged himself to the Upstate NY Triad series running 40 miles at Many on the Genny, 50 miles at Cayuga Trails and then 70 miles at Twisted Branch. He then ran both Bandera and Black Canyon 100ks in subsequent months coming home with the 100 mile distance solidified in his mind. 

Scott signed up for the second running of War Hammer in 2019 and won the race! Yes, Scott won his first 100 miler!

In this episode, Scott explains how he maintains a positive attitude (hint hint, his kids are the training stimulus). He talks about how he gets over negative thought patterns and not letting them derail him. Scott talks about his lack of training plan and how that means he never feels like he fails. The guy is mentally solid and it shows, all the time.

Scott is a mechanic at a nuclear power plant often working 12-16 hour days for months at a time. He goes hard, but then relaxes and rests hard using his time off to travel, run and spend time with family. 

Follow Scott here: 

Instagram: @sparrsr


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