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ALYSSA godesky set the Adk 46er FKT!

Alyssa Godesky just set the supported FKT for the ADK 46er trail in 3 days, 16 hours and 16 minutes. She and Sarah were the first two women to undertake this route, beginning at 4AM on Monday August 17th. We previewed the “racing” ladies the week before the attempt, so check those two shows out!

Though they battled thunderstorms during the attempt, they got relatively lucky with the timing and the weather was bearable.  

A conservative approach in the beginning paid off and Alyssa was able to keep her energy up with little sleep and long days. In this follow up episode Ellie and Alyssa nit-pick the attempt beginning with gear and logistics, moving to the route and experience on trail and then examine how Alyssa’s body is feeling today. 

What went to plan? 

What didn’t pan out the way Alyssa expected?

Is there a faster route in her someday?

What is she doing now in her off-period?

All these things and more on today’s episode, which is also available in podcast form!

Instagram: @alyssagodesky

Website: alyssagodesky.com

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