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Sarah Keyes and the ADK 46er fkt

Sarah Keyes is no stranger to the TC Interview series. Having made her first appearance in the early days of the show, we decided to have her back again. Not only has Sarah been nabbing local CRs and climbing mountains, on Monday August 17th, she will begin her longest and hardest FKT yet, the 150ish mile Adirondack 46er. The record is currently held by Ryan Atkins of OCR fame in 3 days, 5 hours and 52 minutes, set last July.

Not only will she be attempting this feat, which she has had her eye on for a long time, she will also be RACING another elite female, Alyssa Godesky to the finish. (Stay tuned for the next episode for our interview with Alyssa!)

In this episode Ellie and Sarah dive deep into Sarah’s plans for this run. She has scouted the whole course, and is a bit nervous about bush-whacking through some parts. She explains how the idea to “race” Alyssa came about and whether she will sprint to the finish to beat her. Sarah talks about race nutrition and preparing both her body and mind to run for that long.

Something we all wonder, do these FKTs feel like racing? How does one stay in the game mentally, when it’s not hours, but days? Does the racing mindset hold on the whole time? Towards the later half of the episode, Sarah and Ellie discuss what her sponsorship looks like right now and whether Sarah feels a pull to remain relevant and do something worth noting. They talk about having multiple jobs to support the mountaineer lifestyle and whether it’s worth it to make it work.

Sarah is sponsored by La Sportiva, Tailwind and Julbo.

Find her at:Instagram: @sarahkeyes_runs

Website: http://sarahruns.com

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