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TC Interviews: Sheila Eagan

Sheila Eagan is a human this planet could use more of. Not only does she teach ESL students in a poor district of Rochester, she also runs TrailsRoc and Trail Methods, two running companies in Upstate NY. She RDs the most popular race in the world, Many on the Genny and runs the best aid station at Cayuga Trails 50, complete with Sno-Cones, hugs and all the watermelon you could want.

Sheila began running for bagels and quickly moved to trails, hills and ultras, her first being the late Virgil Crest 50 miler and most recent being her own Many on the Genny 40 miler.

Ellie and Sheila discuss hill running, teaching in a pandemic, being coached by your partner and much more!

Instagram: @lookwhatwefound

Twitter: @shme105

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