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TC Interviews: Jay Friedman

Jason Friedman is an ER physician by trade, a running camp counselor, founder, and director; a medical director and volunteer at trail races; a running magazine writer; an assistant coach for HS and collegiate XC; and part-owner of a running specialty store. He does it all!

Track, cross-country, roads, mountains, trail, ultras, and OCRs, but recently tending toward the gnarliest terrain the east coast has to offer. (Ian must respond to that statement re: preference for gnarliest terrain with a “say what”? )

Jason ran his first ultra in 2006 and has provided medical supervision to many races, notably the Western States 100, a race he’s yet to run…but one of these days we’re sure!

Jay and Ellie talk about podcasting, how to choose what style of training to use, coaching athletes, preventing injuries and much more!

Instagram: @gunksrunner

Website: https://www.gunksrunner.com/

Podcast: https://www.gunksrunner.com/paincave

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