Ultraspire momentum Vest v1

Ultraspire momentum Vest v1

General Overview

The Ultraspire Momentum Vest is a light weight, breathable, no-fuss running vest for the runner that prefers bottle hydration and wants space for all the essentials.

  • Light: there are lighter vests out there, but few that offer as many storage options 
  • Durable: quality materials that are resistant to abrasion and tears
  • Breathable: excellent job not absorbing sweat or taking on water weight 
  • Comfortable: the edges of the vest are soft and non-abrasive to skin/clothing
  • Versatile: suitable for 10 miles around the block or races of 100+ miles (with aid stations)

Momentum Race Vest Features

To illustrate the features of the vest, below is a sample packing list for a spring/fall 100-mile race with several miles between aid stations and a range of temperatures/weather types. All gear is easily accommodated, and the vest remains stable and comfortable.

  • UltrAspire Ultraflask Hybrid Bottle 550ml (2)
  • Snacks: Large gels (6), Meat sticks (5), Drink mix packets (2)
  • Collapsible cup and extra bungee/string to fix gaiters or other things
  • Headlamp, backup headlamp and extra set of batteries
  • Toiletries: baby wipes, toilet paper and handwipes
  • Light gloves, merino beanie and arm warmers (Ziplock compression)
  • Wind shell or rain shell (Ziplock compression)
  • USB charger, phone cord, GPS cord (Ziplock organization)
  • Heavier gloves for possible overnight temperature drops

ultraspire momentum vest

Front Chest Pockets

  • Intended for bottles (vest not setup for bladder system), but could be used for additional storage for essentials
  • Shape and size of pockets will fit many different brands/styles of bottles (soft, hybrid or hard bottles) 
    • UltrAspire Ultraflask 550ml (not included with the vest) 
      • Have a unique shape which is designed to match the curvature of the chest or sides/hips to eliminate as much movement as possible, which cuts down on rubbing and irritation
      • Bottles are a semi-soft material: firm enough to be easily filled and accessed/removed while still remaining comfortable 
ultraspire momentum vest bottle pockets
ultraspire momentum vest bottle pockets

Side Stash Pockets

  • Open pockets (not zippered) offer easily accessible storage space with soft edges; this is a marked improvement over other vest models where (if the space is utilized) the pockets are often difficult to access and/or the zippers cause undesired rubbing. 
  • Beyond nutrition, also great for items you will need soon or just got done using, such as headlamps or toiletries 
 fuel load
fuel load

Rear Pockets

  • Accessible without removing the vest (with a little practice) which is uncommon with similar vests from other companies
  • Space for reserve water bottles (2), more food, or even clothing items (beanie, arm warmers/gloves, wind shell) 
rear pockets
rear pockets

Rear Center Zippered Pocket

  • Enough room for essentials and positioned to keep everything stable
  • Example contents for a race
    • Toiletries: baby wipes, toilet paper and hand wipes
    • Wind/rain shell or extra layer
    • USB charger, phone cord, GPS cord 
    • Headlamp and backup headlamp
rear center pocket
rear center pocket

Rear Lower Bungees

  • Meant for trekking poles storage (left photo); they can attached/removed (with practice) without taking the pack off
  • Also a great place to stash gloves or hats for quick access when temperatures change and can also allow them to air dry (right photo)
rear lower bungees
rear lower bungees

Front Upper Pockets

  • Upper right sweatproof pocket with magnetic enclosure (right photo)
    • Designed for electrolyte pills, but can be used for other small items  
  • Upper left zippered pocket (left photo)
    • Stash smaller items you want to keep separate (keys/money/batteries)
front upper pockets
front upper pockets

Overall Fit

  • Easily fitted: simply pull the two bungees across chest, hook on the opposite side, and tighten bungees until snug. With just the two adjustment points you get a snug fit without any additional straps to contend with.
  • The bungees are not restrictive and do not affect breathing.
  • Sizing: SM (31”-36”) MD (34”-39”) LG (37”-42”)
    • Sizing is true to size
    • Given the bungee closure system, even those measuring the at the upper end of a size range can still expect to have room for layers


  • Pill Pocket seems like too specialized of a purpose for a pocket; optimally this would be a bigger and more generally purposed compartment
  • Does not come with any bottles; although this keeps the overall price low and allows for flexibility of bottle choices, it would be nice if the Ultraflask 550 Bottles were included

Not the Running Vest for You

  • If you need more gear space for multi-day races or ones with a mandatory gear list, then jump to bigger volume pack models and keep this for everything else.
  • If you prefer a bladder hydration system, there are plenty of other vest models with that capability


UltrAspire is a company that may not immediately come to mind when considering running gear, but they should; they have been using athlete-driven feedback and a wealth of industry experience to create high quality, functional products for many years. The Momentum Race Vest is a comfortable, functional, and versatile running vest suited to a variety of distances and runner needs at a very fair price; if you are in the market for a running vest, this one is race-tested and comes highly recommended. Find it here in the Shop.


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