Review of the Salomon ADV Skin 8 Set W

Review of the Salomon ADV Skin 8 Set W

Salomon ADV Skin 8 W Set

Listed weight:

251g (8.5 oz), store-scaled weight: 10.9 (without bottles), 13.7 (with bottles)


8L storage volume

Storage Breakdown:

14 Pockets

  • Rear: 4
    • Center zip
    • Internal drop-in with secondary internal mesh drop in
    • Large drop-in with insulated bladder sleeve
  • Lateral / Side: 2 elastic full side lat drop-ins
  • Front: 7
    • Two soft flask pockets
    • Two elastic drop-in external to those with the right containing a secondary water-resistant inner pocket
    • Two upper bilateral medially accessed mesh pockets
    • One water-resistant pocket seated over the right shoulder


  • Women’s fit with narrower shoulders, curved or sculpted chest and shorter torso length
  • Dual “Quick-Link” chest straps which feature a singular stretch cord with push clasp to adjust tension on the fly
  • Safety Whistle and reflective hits


  • Two 500ml Soft Flasks with triangular shapes designed to remove pressure from the breasts and with straw extenders.
  • Inner insulated sleeve compatible with 1.5L bladders.

Poles: Yes (adjustable stretch-cords to offer front, rear, and angled solutions)

Price: $155

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Wear-Test and Review by: Sheena Heise

I was really excited to try this bag out after years of wearing a slightly larger unisex version. As soon as I put this vest on, I noticed how much higher everything was set, the 500-ml hydration flask straws were right where they needed to be to avoid any straining to get a drink. There are even small straps you can thread the straws through to adjust where the straws rest, this also prevents bouncing while you’re on the move. It also comes with an insulated sleeve for your reservoir/bladder to keep your water cool.

Ample secure storage on this vest and in all the right places. The exterior vest material is soft, flexible and breathable while the inside material is bulker it does provide some cushion. The inner material is a bit rough to the touch compared to the exterior but I had no issue (chafing) running in a tank or sports bra. I would say the heavier inner material seems to hold on to body heat and was a bit uncomfortable on warmer temp running days.

The front closure system is easy to use and minimal lending to some great airflow however this is the only adjustment point on the vest and although this vest fits me well I can see this being problematic in getting a snug fit depending on your shape and size. For visibility and security there are front and back reflective logos as well as an attached whistle.

Overall I really liked this vest. It’s got you covered no matter the distance. Whether you’re out for a quick run on your favorite local trail or for long day efforts in the mountains.

Hydration System
Secure Pockets

Closure system can be difficult to adjust
Lack of adjustable fit/comfort
Interior vest material is heavy and has a rough feel


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