Review of the RaidLight Responsiv 12L Hydration Vest

Review of the RaidLight Responsiv 12L Hydration Vest

Raidlight Responsiv 12L (Womens)

Listed Weight:

200G (7.05 oz), Shop-scale weight: 7.4 oz (w/out Bottles), 11.0 oz (w/ Bottles)



Storage Breakdown:

8 Pockets

  • 4 Rear
    • Two rear top-drop in with one containing a secondary zippered water resistant pocket
    • One lower divided into three access points per stitching
  • 4 Front
    • Two soft-flask pockets
    • One lower stretch-drop-in on the lower right which may accommodate smaller phones
    • One stretch zip on the lower left.


  • Dual elastic sternal straps with adjustable fixture points
  • Bilateral FreeLock Boa style tensioners on sides for fit adjustments on the fly
  • Whistle threaded onto sternal strap


  • Two 600ml (20oz) soft flasks with tube extenders and swivel bite valves

Poles: Yes (center front)

Price: $155 Euro, or with remaining US inventory found on sale with domestic retailers

Wear-Test and Review By: Sheena Heise

My first impression of this vest was that it was dated, the color way doesn’t seem current compared to the other vest I have been reviewing and there is what looks like faded material on the back as well as the side hardware. I’m sure this is intentional but I do wonder. The techno color flasks are not to be missed!

Then there’s the micrometric buckle system, it seemed like a concerning amount of hardware in a tight spot and all I could think of was chafing. Then I took it out on the trails. Easily dialed in a great fit, while moving, and never looked back. To my surprise I never noticed any of the hardware. The chest straps were nice to the touch but loosened easily throughout my runs.

The water flasks come in a nice 20oz size, they’re placement is slightly higher making hydration while you’re moving easy and a better women’s specific fit. The vest material is stretchy yet supportive and very breathable. What I did notice was the lack of pockets, accessible storage on the front of the vest, no place for easy access to your phone or to store multiple gels and bars. The existing pockets could be deeper as things either didn’t fit well or fell out easily.

The overall fit and feel of this vest is great, however due to the lack of secure accessible storage I wouldn’t recommend it for much over a marathon to 50k distance, unless you’re well supported.


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