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https://youtu.be/yapHVDToq10 The Sense 4's predecessor, the Sense Pro 3, was designed off the S/Lab Sense 6 which athletes the world-over decided strayed too far from its roots as a trimmed down racing shoe a’la Killian. I was not big fan of the Sense Pro 3 as it felt stiff all around and the lugs felt overly big and tippy on trails. Thus it ended up riding

https://youtu.be/h0tBjpi0aqE Imagine this, you're at the start line of a race ready to have some fun on a beautiful sunny day. Suddenly, your worst racing nightmares have come true! You've forgotten your shoes! They simply didn't make it into your race bag, your kid borrowed them, your cat ate them. Point is, they aren't on your feet and the gun is about to go off. What

https://youtu.be/5cpkUbBy42E Jeff Adams just ran 175 miles in the second edition of the Quarantine Backyard Ultra beginning on Saturday July 11th and tapping out on Monday, July 13th. He is no stranger to going the distance, and loves running for long periods of time. This past September, Jeff set the FKT on the Long Path in Upstate NY passing through the Catskills and the infamous Manitou's

https://youtu.be/wiVni36Hunc Amelia Kaufman is a pure Ithaca runner. She trains without a watch, lets her mood choose her time and distance and will always bring friends along, no matter their pace. Oh, and she's also notched impressive 3rd place finishes at the competitive Black Canyon 60K, Escarpment, CatsTail, Twisted Branch 100K, and just outside with a 4th at UROC. What we love about Amelia is her

https://youtu.be/hsq4ANHMpdU Jason Friedman is an ER physician by trade, a running camp counselor, founder, and director; a medical director and volunteer at trail races; a running magazine writer; an assistant coach for HS and collegiate XC; and part-owner of a running specialty store. He does it all! Track, cross-country, roads, mountains, trail, ultras, and OCRs, but recently tending toward the gnarliest terrain the east coast has

https://youtu.be/XhaKziYqlyc Sheila Eagan is a human this planet could use more of. Not only does she teach ESL students in a poor district of Rochester, she also runs TrailsRoc and Trail Methods, two running companies in Upstate NY. She RDs the most popular race in the world, Many on the Genny and runs the best aid station at Cayuga Trails 50, complete with Sno-Cones, hugs and

https://youtu.be/ltp6G6Qd0Ng Elisabeth Faughnan has got MAJOR TRAIL STOKE and it SHOWS! Coming to the trails just two years ago, she has found her stride and happy place. Elisabeth recently completed her first 50 mile on the Cayuga Trails course, so no easy trail or road ultra for her! This race meant so much to Elisabeth, and we get into it deep during this episode. We talk

https://youtu.be/geIwQWYXVGU De'Vang Patel has been around the mountain a time or two. His favorite race happens to be the gnarly Manitous Revenge, a 54 mile race that runs like a 100 miler. He's also competed in the tough HURT 100 and Eastern States 100, because flat, runnable courses just don't appeal to him. De'Vang runs for Red Newt Racing and Mountain Peak Fitness, but still lends

https://youtu.be/jQuKta5HfJg The Brooks Catamount An initial look and run in the new Brooks Catamount. The Catamount weighs in at 9.6 oz for men, 8.5 oz for women. Sits on an efficient 6mm offset with a plush yet responsive ride owed underfoot to DNA Flash, the material used in the Hyperion series road racing models. It uses low profile spacious lugs and TrailTack outsole rubber with a bit


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