Trails Collective

Trails Collective Live | May 10, 2022

We’re stoked for another packed round. This week we’ll welcome Sullivan Summer to talk on the cold wet and quite Dirty German. Matt Lipsey and Carmen Bango on the gnarly classic 7 Sisters. Jessica Simao and Ryan Thorpe will take us through one of the toughest and most beautiful BeastCoast 100’s in Hellbender. Grayce Langheine will connect on her recent FKT, and cue up Lauren Jones, Cole Crosby, and Rhoda Smoker on the epic Cocodona 250. Ryan Clifford will weigh in on the Greenbelt 50k, and Brian Mott on Sassquad’s Big Bear Squatch. It’s going to be a packed episode of Trail Running banter. Join us!

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