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Introducing: The Aid Station

Hello Trails Collective! My name is Lauren Burdick.

I live in Fayetteville, NY with my husband and two doodles. I am a certified Nutrition Consultant and certified Running Coach.  Over the past year, my husband and I began a small business and I am now co-owner of Miles & Macros, LLC!  To have my passion become a business is a dream come true. We offer running coaching, nutrition plans, and we host multiple distance/surface races locally.  Diving deeper into the running community in a new capacity has been such a positive experience.  As you know, it is hard to find a more welcoming community than the running community.  Working with individuals to help them reach their goals has been extremely rewarding.
Personally, I have been a runner for the past 11 years completing numerous distances; however, I found a true connection with trail running over the past 6 years.  As I competed in longer endurance events I began to realize the importance of nutrition and fueling enough for an active lifestyle.  I hold multiple certifications for nutrition consulting under the realm of sports nutrition, plant based, ketogenic, etc.  The importance of nutrition is not limited just to endurance athletes, I also work with many people eager to understand how to choose healthier options or read a nutrition label correctly.  I want to create a healthy relationship with food for each individual with the understanding that healthy does not look the same on everyone.  

Follow me on Instagram for more running and nutrition information @miles.and.macros

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