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Trails Collective Weekly Rundown | October 1, 2021

Weekly Rundown

October 1, 2021

In The Media

Checking back in with what’s shaking the Cultra Trail Running Podcast world, Episode 156 released on the 25th titled running your first 100 Miler with Crutch Lee. I haven’t listened to the episode but it’s not only no doubt entertaining, but may also provide some good tips on tackling a 100 from someone who’s tried and not always succeeded. https://cultratrailrunning.libsyn.com/156-running-your-first-100-miler-with-crutch-lee

UltraSignUp Hotlist

Gritty Leakes Trail Marathon running November 6th in Goochland, VA is on the track at 90% full.

The Western Maryland Rail Trail 10k, ½ marathon and marathons, running October 17th in Hancock, MD are up 3% this week to being 94% full so you probably have two weeks to cap.

Womp Romp 10 Miler slated for October 23 in Hingham, MA is 97% full. This is a first year event running at Wompatuck State Park, only 35 minutes from downtown Boston.

Friends of Kinder Farm Park Fall Fun Day in Millersville, MD on October 9th is 98% full.

FKT’s of the Week

Bethany Garretson of Keene, NY, is featured on FastestKnownTime.com’s Podcast episode 156 titled “FKT’s have become the perfect niche”. She talks on the importance of mental health, living off grid, and time spent as a wilderness therapy instructor. https://fastestknowntime.com/podcast/156-bethany-garretson


Kate Mingle, 3h 14m for the Whitehall Upton Loop. This 20.7 mile circuit was initially posted by Ben Nephew who commented on Whitehall and Upton State Parks having some of the best singletrack in the region. That says a bit given Ben’s depth of experience on regional trail networks. Kate’s unsupported women’s mark lowers Brenda Fortin’s 2020 mark by 48 minutes.

New Hampshire

Ashley Youland, 4h 45m for Owl’s Head, a 17.3 mile route tagging the true summit of Owl’s Head at 4,025’ in the Pemi Wilderness. Ashley’s unsupported women’s mark lowers Jessica Casterline’s 2020 mark by 1h 48m. That’s a solid pickup.

Jennifer Wimers and Grace Long, 4h 52m for the Sugar River Recreational Rail Trail.

New York

Brian Stewart and Jeff Adams, 4h 10m for the City of Buffalo Perimeter.

Trisha Ignatowski 7d 26m for the Erie Canalway Trail, a 363 mile traverse of northern NY between Albany and Buffalo, tracing one of the longest man-made waterways in North America, and a route that’s 80% off road. The trail, formally fully completed in 2021 was opened for the first FKT marks this year. Trisha’s mark is an opening women’s unsupported mark. Trisha is with us this week to take us through her effort.

Results & Voices


8 Hours at the Brewery 4h / 8h running at the Norbrook Farm Brewery in Colebrook, CT. Of 15 finishers in the 8H Tyler Tulloch took the overall win with 42.3 miles covered with Meghan Moscarelli the top female with 34.7. In the 4H, Brendan Atkins and Nick Cruz on top with 26.95, maybe a tie or win to Brendan? Lindsay Colucci was top female with 19.25 miles covered. https://ultrasignup.com/results_event.aspx?did=86988


Pemberton 24 in Salisbury, MD had a solid field with 175 finishers. Pretty cool event format with a 5k starting every hour on the hour, and, instead of times, runners accruing points. The overall win went to the quick and tough Maria Miller with 125. Kyle Miller was second through as top male with 95. Cueing us further into Pemberton is winner and stud, Maria Miller. https://ultrasignup.com/results_event.aspx?did=80246


Wawayanda Wonderful 50k, 50m, 100 in the NJ Highlands and Lakes area in Hewitt, NJ. Of 5 100-Mile finishers, Tim Craig and Ella Lombardi took the wins in 22:30 and 27:28. Of 4 in the 100K Christopher Tyler took the overall in 12:37. Of 8 in the 50M, Nicholas Roman and Maria Schoenhammer took the gender wins in 9:56 and 16:44. Of 14 in the 50K Daniel Massa and April Tyler. Of 12 in the Marathon Nathan Riddell and Rebecca Nicholas. Of 34 in the Half Josh Brucker and Molly Cornelissen. And of 24 in the 10K, Paul Artola and Cherry Song.



Morgan Hill Meat Grinder ½, Marathon, and 50M in Fabius, NY. Of 12 50M finishers Robert Galinski and Bethany Titus took the men’s and women’s wins in 11:03 and 11:14, both establishing new course records for this course with the 50 mile a first-year option. In the Marathon, of 25 finishers, Thomas Joslin and Kimberly Wrate took the men’s and women’s wins in 4:32 and 5:04. And, of 39 finishers in the ½ Marathon, Steven Young and Kelly Macdonald took the men’s and women’s wins in 1:54 and 2:26. Steven’s mark also establishes a new Half Marathon course record. Cueing us in a bit deeper to the Morgan Hill Meat Grinder is Erin Malay, 4th place women’s marathon finisher.


Rock the Ridge 50m in New Paltz, NY, a runnable gem using the beautiful carriage roads in the Shawangunk Mountains had a solid field and 279 finishers which, based on a fundraising entry model, raised $300,000 for the Mohonk Preserve. Travis Hawkins took the win in a solid and speedy 6:04 with third-time finisher Etan Levavi 2nd in 6:36. For the top women, Jana Veliskova took the win in 8:09 with Shanna Beairsto second in 8:20. Giving us a deeper flavor is Trishul Cherns.


The Great Schunemunk Traverse 42k covers beautiful trail and vistas along the Hudson Valley’s Long Path. We were able to preview through an earlier clip from RD Marcin Mrowka. A slate of new course records in running from a new location this year. Of 11 finishers, the win went to Willis Matis in 6:43 with top female finish earned by Emma Raub. Both Willis and Emma are haling from Colorado Springs.


Water Gap 25k / 50k ran in the beautiful Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. As has seemingly been the MO for 2020 and 2021 we had some last minute logistical shakeups in losing our traditional start point due to construction, and our course bisected by storm-fallen trees. W bumped to a different start and staging area and ran an out-back configuration instead of point-point. Still a beautiful fall day on a non-technical mostlyl-hard packed gravel course along the Delaware River. The always speedy and prior national team member Jared Burdick lowered an already fast 50k record to 3:13, running side by side with eventual second place finisher Justin Scheid for most of the race. For the women Rhiannon Schade took the win in 4:27. For the 25k Johnpatrick Montgomery and Janna Chernetz took the top spots. For a better view into Water Gap, women’s 50k winner Rhiannon Schade.


Tails 4 Trails 40 mile in Hanover, PA used to benefit the Animal Rescue saw 27 individual finishers with Marissa Kovach first across the line in 6:52 with top male on the day second place Ray Rogers in 7:45. https://trails4tails.com/results

IronMasters Challenge 25k / 50k ran in Gardners, PA. Of 48 50K finishers Scott Lesh and Laurel Jones took the top men’s and women’s spots.

50K Results: chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/viewer.html?pdfurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pretzelcitysports.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2021%2F09%2F21-GARDNERS-ironmasters-challenge-50K-res.pdf&clen=28812&chunk=true

15K Results: of a solid field size 179 finishers, Philip Samotus and Amanda Balzer took the top men’s and women’s spots in 19:22 and 26:03.

Worlds End Fall Classic Half Marathon in Forksville, PA, heading into race weekend with 206 entrants and a beautiful course. The ever-tough and speedy John Johnson earned the overall win in 2:06 with a tight race for second hot on his heels from Gabriel Batdorf and David Endress. For the women Sara Campbell in 2:43 with Hanna Sherwood and Hannah Darrow rounding out the podium.

Results: https://falconracetiming.com/racetimes/Worlds%20End%20Fall%20Classic%20Overall%202021.htm

Conestoga Trail Run’s 26th edition saw 135 finishers cover this cult classic gem of a rugged BeastCoast course. Top finish on the day went to Zach Miller, only a bit off his course record, in 1:22 with Ryan Bair an Peter Weida rounding out the men’s podium. For the women, Nicole Seuffert took the win in 2:16 followed by a tight finish for second between Anne Williams and Nicole Maurer. Taking us more vividly into Conestoga are men’s and women’s winners Zach Miller and Nicole Seuffert.

Results: chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/viewer.html?pdfurl=https%3A%2F%2Flrrclub.org%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2021%2F09%2FCTR21-All-Results.pdf&clen=45627&chunk=true


Nasty 9 Trail Run 4 and 9 miler I I think ran in Lexington, VA, no results yet posted.

Yeti 100 in Abingdon, VA heading into race weekend with 312 entrants and an US projected win time of 15:06 for the men, 19:12 for the women. 187 entrants toed the line and made it through to the finish. Amy Hamilton crushed the US pre-race time projections with a stellar performance and overall win and finish time of 15:23, with Chris Varnadoe top male in second in 15:42. The veritable Tom Green, a hundred finish in each of the prior 4 decades (if I’m remembering correctly), and with over 256 finishes tracked in UltraSignUp alone, pulled in ahead of 30 hours as the final finisher in 29:56. Taking us deeper into the Yet experience we’re rolling with the two 10th place finishers on the day. The first, the Legend Phil Vondra, 10th place overall in 19:11, and Dagmar Paul, 10th woman across the line in 21:18.



Vermont 50 50k / 50m in Brownsville, VT headed in with 257 in the 50m and 197 in the 50k in addition to about 500 in the mountain bike division. In the 50 Mile, of 142 finishers, Eric Lipuma bested the field with a 6:24 finish time with Keith Lundquist and Wouter Hoogkamer rounding out the podium. For the women, Britta Clark took the day with a finish time of 7:33, with Katherine Cross-powers and Emily Speck rounding the podium. In the 50K, Justin Neuman and Caroline Day took the respect men’s and women’s wins in 4:37 and 5:12. Here to bring us into the Vermont experience, 50 mile winners Eric Lipuma and Britta Clark.



The Big Schloss 50k in Lost City WV, under the VHTRC header…win for name. On a beautiful day Schloss saw 50 starters and 47 finishers. Jonathan Gowen, defending 2019 champion repeated for the win in 5:20. Martha Nelson took the day for the women in 6:32, 7th overall.



Dragon’s Back in Wales with Alex P reporting in for the Voices portion of the video rundown.


This Weekend


Bubba’s Backyard Ultra in Center Conway, NH


The Squatchung Surprise 5h / 9h in Mountainside, NJ


Red Barn Challenge 6h 12h in Lykens, PA

Blues Cruise 50k in Reading, PA

Black Forest 100k in North Bend, PA


Joe’s 11h Night Run at the Hamptons in Hampton, VA

Thoroughbred Races 50k in La Crosse, VA

Events Next Weekend


Centurion 24H in Stratford, CT


Rick O’Donnell Memorial 5.22m Trail Run and Ultra Challenge 8h


Shawnee Peak Ultra Challenge 6h in Bridgton, ME

Big Brad Ultras 50k, 50m in Pownal, ME


Midstate Massive Ultra Trail’s 30m, 50m, 100m in New Ipswich, NH


NJ Trail Series One Day in Augusta, NJ


Tamarack Big Beast 8h in Colden, NY

Tesla Hertz Run’s 50k, 50m, 100k, 100m in Rocky Point, NY


Fanny Pack 50k in Ohiopyle, PA

Green Monster Trail Challenge 50k in Wellsboro, PA


High Bridge Ultra 50k in Pamplin, VA


Devil’s Den 24h Ultra in Bradford, VT

Weekend October 16th


Mohawk Mountain 8h Race in Cornwall, CT


Ghost Train Rail Trail 30m, 45m, 60m, 75m, 90m, 100m, 105m, 115m in Milford, NH


South Mountain Reservation Mayapple Trail Runs 50k in Millburn, NJ

Trails4Tails 50k in Trenton, NJ


Fred Von Der Heydt Memorial 6h 60th Birthday Run in Kings Park, NY


Presque Isle Personal Endurance Classic 12h

Oil Creek 50k, 100k, 100m in Titusville, PA

Pain in Green Lane 6h, 12h, 50k in Green Lane, PA

Muleskinner Endurance Races 50k, 50m, 100k in Upper Black Eddy, PA

Sinnemahone Ultra 50k Ultramarathon in Emporium, PA


Andy’s Backyard Ultra in Earlysville, VA

Bryce Conquer the Mountain – Oktoberfest 50k in Basye, VA

Cloudsplitter 100 50k, 100k, 100m in Norton, VA

Noland Trail 50k in Newport News, VA

The Hot Wild Oak 28.2, 12.8, 200m Trail Runs on the Wild Oak Trail in VA


Run It You Won’t At Mad River Glen 6h, 12h, 24h in Waitfield, VT

Runamuck 50k in Windsor, VT

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