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Trails CollEctive Weekly Rundown | June 25, 2021

Trails Collective Weekly Rundown

June 25th, 2021

Here’s what’s been shaking in the Northeast Trail Running world this week.


In this week’s UltraSignUp Hotlist, here are a few races with registrations about to fill up or cap out:

  • The Runamuck 50k in Brownsville, VT, set for October 17th is holding at 98% full for the Sunday race.
  • Finger Lakes Fifties 50 Mile, running July 3rd in Hector, NY is 96% full with only 2 spots remaining as of this past Monday.
  • Mozo Double Up, slated for July 25th in Stowe, VT is 92% full with only 5 slots still available.

Registrations Opening

  • The Green Mile by North Park Trail Runners, a Loop Challenge running September 18th in North Park, PA opens on June 26th
  • Stone Cat 50k, slated for November 6th in Ipswich, MA opens on June 29th.



  • Justin Snair, 3h 16m for the Fred J Cusimano Westside Overland Trail outside of Erie and which has been getting chipped away at over the past year.
  • The mountains were where it was at this week with a number of marks between the Catskills and ADK’:
  • Angela Legg, 1h 40m top pick off a pair of Catskill 3,500’ peaks of BearPen and Vly
  • Katharine Spector, a solid 3h 21m for the Blackhead Range, lowering Kelly Macdonald’s opening mark from a year ago by 23 minutes.
  • Jay Whitbourne, 10h 41m for the most beautiful Giant – Dix Traverse, covering 26 burly miles with 10,000’ feet of gain. This lowered the prior 2019 mark by a bit under 2 hours.
  • Jack Kuenzle, 4h 45m for the Adirondack Great Range Traverse. At a bit over 20 miles with around 10,000’ of gain, the Great Range Traverse is an iconic stretch, tying in some of the Adirondack’s highest and most beautiful peaks, both flowing and rugged unrunable stretches. It’s also seen some of the toughest and fastest runners in the country dueling to lower the fastest time. Established by Keene’s own Jan Wellford, who for a time owned the ADK 46 record, in 2009 at 6h 40m. It was lowered in the years that followed by Ben Nephew, Ryan Atkins on numerous rounds, Lee Berube, and, most recently Aaron Newell to a mark of 5h 3m (though his mark went down as supported as a friend joined him for a part of it). For those not knowing these names, they’re truly incredible athletes. Jack not only just lowered the mark, but cleaved the biggest chunk off since Ben lowered Jan’s time in 2010. It’s really pretty phenomenal. There’s a lot of year left, but this may go down as my pick for the most impressive FKT of 2021. Here to weigh in on the route and day, and in the video Rundown, is Jack Kuenzle.


  • Lauren Cenci, 2h 38m for the 14.6 mile Ironstone Loop in the beautiful Rothrock State Forest.

Results and Voices

  • Many on the Genny put on by Eric and Sheila Eagan and the TrailsRoc crew runs a beautiful loop course circling Letchworth State Park and gorge in upstate NY. With a field cap of 150 and a bit of carnage as temps climbed a bit, the event saw 114 finishers. In the mix, Tim Chichester established a new course record of 5:42, with Ellie Pell, having finished and won every running so far, taking another and lowering her own course record to 6:37. – This week in the Rundown’s video version above, we have video clips / voices from Eric, Ellie, Tim
  • Ghost Town Trail Challenge 12k / 25k / 50k in Blairsville, PA, part of the Cambria County Trails series of events that follow the path of the Johnstown flood. Of 64 12k finishers Joseph MKelvey and Olivia Kudlawiec took the men’s and women’s wins. Cool fact: both are only 15 years old. Of 77 in the Ryan Stasiowski and Madeline Berry, and, of 114 in the marquis 50k, Collin Terchanik and Mary Beth Strickler.
  • Lost Turkey Trail Races ½, 50k, and 50 Miler in Blue Knob, PA – Beautiful point to point routes running the southern Allegheny Front to the summit of Blue Knob with variable terrain and honest elevation. Multiple year finisher Carl Leer checked in with the rundown of the Half Course. Of 28 finishers in the Half, Robert Stackhouse and Bri Davis took the overall men’s and women’s wins. Of 30 in the 50k Jeff Savage and Maura Tyrrell emerged on top, both establishing new course records And of 38 finishers in the 50 mile, Justin Findley and Marissa Knodel took the top spots and with Justin securing a new course record. Kathrine Bright (50 Mile finisher) & Jennifer Wallace (50m finisher), both of Malvern, PA and who finished 4th and 7th in the 50 mile also followed up with these rundowns of the event and day. In this week’s video we have voices clips from Carl Leer, Kathrine Bright, and Jennifer Wallace.
  • Sproul 10k and Little Loggers Trail Fest in North Bend, PA is an event which Brett opened this week’s episode on. Another in the vast PA Trail Dogs lineup that offers solid elevation metrics and flowy trail. As with a few other events, day two offers the Little Loggers Trail Fest geared towards kids. Of over 300 finishers, Jeff Ruhl of Danville took the win in 54:02, just under a minute ahead of Tom Knowles. For the women, Jill Dennes continues to crank making it 3/3 in wins to races in her budding trail career. To take us through Sproul with voices clips in the video portion above, are overall winner Jeff Ruhl, and second place female, Miera Minard.
  • Mason – Dixon Longest Day Challenge in PA, This Trail Dawg non-event is a small (25 max), low-key club trail party runs between a sunrise Susquehanna State Park Maryland start at 5:38 to a 8:38 sunset finish at Shanks Mare Store in Long Level, PA. – Melissa Moreland
  • OSS / CIA 50 mile night run ran on the 12th in Triangle, VA. Although not a huge field it’s been growing steadily, and this year nearly doubling from their prior high in 2019 with 72 finishers. Here to cue us into the even overview is Alex P. Also digging into details is 4th place finisher Brian Compagnone, and Heather Ficke.
  • The Eastern Divide 50k ran in Pembroke, VA with a tweaked or updated course. Of 199 finishers Michael Zeberkiewicz of Ashville took the win in a speedy 3:53 with Caleb Bowen on his heels in 3:57. For the women Peyton Thomas made it a NC sweep for the wins in 4:39. Here to take us through their day are Caleb Bowen, and, 3rd overall female and top Trails Collective radius female Michelle Lowry. In this week’s video rundown above we hear from Caleb Bowen and Michelle Lowry.
  • Denali 135. In this week’s video Rundown above we hear from winner Jeremy Peterson.

The Weekend Ahead

  • Sharp Top 25k / 50k in Masten, PA
  • Clear Creek UltraFest 21 and 34 miler in Sigel, PA
  • On the Rocks 16.7, 33.3, and 50k in York, PA
  • Table Rock Trail Challenge Last One Standing in Jamesville, NY
  • Moonlight Renezvous 5 miler, Keezletown, VA
  • Night Train 50k and Half in Farmville, VA
  • Catamount 25k and 50k in Stowe, VT
  • Forbidden Forest 30 Hour in Stratford, CT
  • Midnight Squatchapalooza 3/6/12 Hour in Columbus, NJ
  • Taskinas Creek Marathon in Williamsburg, VA
  • Rock & Laurel Trail 5k in Fitchburg, MA
  • Manitou’s Revenge 54 miler in Windham, NY
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