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Trails Collective Weekly Rundown | May 14, 2021

Weekly Rundown

May 14th, 2021

In the Media

More than half of Virginia’s gas stations are out of fuel with shortages also in surrounding states giving you all the more reason to extend your mileage this week.

Matt Lipsey feels that trail users shouldn’t pickup up their dog’s poop.

IronMan takes over a minority shareholding and partnership with UTMB in hopes of trying to have more Type A personalities in matching uni’s try to infiltrate our community of dirtbag runners.

And Ron Heerken’s Jr captured the most beautiful mid-race photo I’ve ever seen of Jay Lemos mid Breakneck Point climb. It’s been modified quite a few times so far and landing with this.

Registrations Opening

Tiadaughton Trail Challenge, slated for November 14th in Waterville, PA opens reg May 14th.

Sterling Furnace Half Marathon 15k and ½ Marathon in Tuxedo, NY goes live on May 15th.

One of the largest events in our region, the Hyner Trail Challenge 25k / 50, slated for April 23rd, 2022 reg opens May 15th.

Notchview Ultra 12 / 24 / 48H, scheduled for September 11, opens May 15th.


The Eastern Divide 50k, slated for June 19th in Pembroke, VA is up 4% to being 96% full.

Midstate Massive Ultra Trail 30 Miler in New Ipswitch, NH is up 2% to being 96% full

The Nipmuck South Trail Race scheduled for June 13th in Mansfield, CT had 12 spots remaining as of filming.

Slate Run 25k running June 5th in Slate Run PA and the First State Trail 10k in Wilmington, DE have both entered the warning track at 90% full.



  • Rylee Schwee, 9h 26m for the 45 mile AT Four State Challenge through PA, MD, WV, & VA, lowering the prior women’s unsupported mark by over an hour.


  • Ben Quatromoni, 5h 18m for the East Branch of the Nipmuck Trail, an opening supported men’s mark. This is over an hour quicker than Dan Grip’s unsupported mark from 2020. Knowing how quick Dan Grip is, Ben was flying out there.
  • Allison Mesa, 14h 24m for the 61 mile New England gem which is the Metacomet Trail. This is an opening supported women’s mark which is also nearly 3 hours faster than Art Byram ran it in 2016.


  • Keith Nadeau, 5h 25m for the double Out & Back version of the Blue Hills Skyline Trail, pretty awesome gain of over an hour from the last time he held the mark a year ago.


  • Rob Raux, 3h 26m for the Fred J Cusimano Westside Overland Trail, a 25k point to point in far western NY which I didn’t even know existed. Will have to check it out at some point and particularly as it appears to run right near the beautiful Panama Rocks.


  • Jordan Copenhafer set a new unsupported mark of 1d 8h 3m for the rugged and beautiful 84 mile Standing Stone Trail


  • Joshua Goad, 2h 10m for the Peaks of Otter, a three peak gem in the Blue Ridge offering 4,000’ of gain over 11 miles


May 8

Breakneck Point Trail Runs

Beacon, NY, 13.1M, 26.2M

In this week’s video rundown we weave in video clips from the race, as well as post-race interviews with Andy Vermilyea and Riley Brady, overall men’s and women’s marathon winners, 2nd place marathon male, Ben Nephew, and Michelle Merlis, women’s winner and new course record holder for the half.  

Dirty German Endurance Fest

Philadelphia, PA, 25k, 50k, 50M

In the video rundown we hear from Brandon Talisesky, overall 50M winner, Melissa Morland, top 50M female on the day, and Sarah Zieden-Weber who finished 9th in her division for the 50k.

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